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Fried cheese donuts

Жареные творожные пончики
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Prepare these donuts from cheese. very long time, and with varying degrees of intensity, requested and even demanded, my eldest son.



But when his patience ran out, then waking up in the morning on the Sabbath day (they are all the same frying takes time, so on weekdays, when all are late to school and work, I would not recommend them to cook), found all the ingredients lying I had on the kitchen table:
• Two chicken eggs,
Жареные творожные пончики

• Two cups of flour (a little more than 250 grams)
Жареные творожные пончики

• baking powder to the dough or ordinary soda, vinegar repaid (required teaspoon, no more)
Жареные творожные пончики

• slightly more cups (250 grams) granulated sugar
Жареные творожные пончики

• and of course cheese. It should be about half a kilogram, but take grated or rougher, "with grits" - you decide. Technology does not change, although taste is strong enough different.
Жареные творожные пончики

From all this, not adhering to any order of priority or tricky technology, knead the dough uniform. You can do it with a mixer or blender with the appropriate attachment, but I prefer to do it just with his hands. Dough our donuts from cheese turns out very thick and sticky, so it is easier and faster.
Как приготовить творожные пончики

Now in the cauldron (a wonderful choice) or pan with high edges (can splash), pour 100 ... 150 grams of vegetable oil and set on fire to warm up.
Wet hands, so that the dough does not stick sliding ball. Small volume as a tablespoon. Otherwise, when frying donuts from cheese and remain raw inside. And anyway, this indispensable kitchen items - ideal measurement for making our donuts from cheese.
When the oil is well warmed up, lay there still raw donuts from cheese. And they do not try to fill the cauldron, frying, they are doubled, and then places may simply not be enough.
Как приготовить творожные пончики

After a couple of ... three minutes when donuts browns on one side, turn them over and cook. Fire under pan to be average, since large, they remain moist inside (mistake of all beginners cooking, so it's best to just try them). And on a small - a very long time to cook, and they just dry.
Как приготовить творожные пончики

Now browns on all sides ready donuts from cheese, put on a plate (can be put on the first minute ... the other on a napkin to sink excess fat)
Как приготовить творожные пончики

and powdered sugar,
Как приготовить творожные пончики

sprinkle with our ready-made donuts from cottage cheese through a sieve. So we are their "sprinkle snow," and they began to look more appetizing.
Как приготовить творожные пончики

That's all wisdom, enjoy your appetite.

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