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How to bake oatmeal cookies

Как испечь овсяное печенье
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Fresh oatmeal cookies, but with warm milk, I always liked very much. Wife showed him enough average interest, so I almost single-handedly got a large stack whenever buying a baker's shop.



But here it tasted children. And I had two little "growing competitor", which is still always you give the best. But one day, they were asked a simple but very reasonable question: Why do not you can bake oatmeal cookies? And really, why?
Out of curiosity, I bought oatmeal and opened the first got the recipe. And it turned out that it's not just easy and affordable, and very simple. So today we will prepare delicious homemade oatmeal cookies.
Components (in descending order of relevant parts):
• oat flour - two glasses;
Как испечь овсяное печенье

• wheat flour - one cup;
Как испечь овсяное печенье

• sugar - half cup (I took a little longer, and has not lost);
Как испечь овсяное печенье

• butter - 100 grams;
Как испечь овсяное печенье

• one egg;
Как испечь овсяное печенье

• two tablespoons of sour cream;
Домашнее овсяное печенье простой рецепт

• tablespoon liquid honey;
Домашнее овсяное печенье простой рецепт

• and a teaspoon of baking soda.
Домашнее овсяное печенье простой рецепт

That's all, proceed directly to the preparation of our oatmeal cookies.
Both the flour mix. And to oatmeal cookies turned even more lush and delicate, it is worth to sift through a fine sieve. Now add the baking soda and stir again.
Домашнее овсяное печенье простой рецепт

Sour cream, honey and butter put on a steam bath until they are completely dissolved. Although if you got in advance butter out of the fridge and it is soft enough, then just mix these three components together.
Домашнее овсяное печенье вкусный рецепт

Now mulled egg and sugar in a uniform, air mass. Long enough to dissolve all the sugar, but not unpleasantly then crunched on the teeth in our oatmeal cookies.
Домашнее овсяное печенье вкусный рецепт

Mix these three components and will give ten minutes to stand.
Домашнее овсяное печенье вкусный рецепт

Meanwhile, the pan was covered with baking paper and set to 180 degrees to warm up the oven.
Tablespoon (ideal measurement for this oatmeal cookies) zachёrpyvaem with slide the dough and spread it. Between oatmeal cookies should be left away, because when baking it will significantly increase in size.
Домашнее овсяное печенье вкусный рецепт

Bake on the top shelf for about 12 minutes. Then immediately (do not leave it to reach) we shift into a bowl, give ten minutes to cool oatmeal cookies, and get an incomparable pleasure from both the taste and the consistency.
Photo 14.

That's all wisdom, enjoy your appetite.

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