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Peat pie

Peat pie
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Frankly, when I saw the name of the recipe - peat cake, then immediately decided that it was a typo author, or a silly joke of his own. But when I read, and even saw the final picture (step by step in this recipe was not), the firm decided to prepare for the coming festive dinner.



Especially because it was made from very simple ingredients, fast enough (on everything about everything - about an hour), and at the same time it is very tasty and appetizing look. True to agree (or disagree) with the last two characteristics, it will still have to cook what I actually did.
So peat cheese pie. Like any other pie filling, it consists of the test and what is put inside. And the basis of the test for it - wheat flour. It must be 250 ... 300 grams (two tall glasses).
Торфяной пирог

But peat cake begins not with her, but with butter. It should be about 150 grams, and it should be good soft dough then to rub his hands. Therefore, if you do not get it out of the refrigerator in advance, 15 seconds put it in the microwave. But do not overheat, it should not be a liquid and retain their original shape.
Торфяной пирог

Add 50 grams (three tablespoons tablespoons no slides) of cocoa powder,
Торфяной пирог

and 130 (a little more than half of high-cup) sugar.
Торфяной пирог

Knead all hands (will impromptu "edible sand"), and set aside it aside.
180 degrees set to heat up the oven. At the same temperature and we'll bake our cake peat.
Prepare the filling. To this end, three eggs,
Торфяной пирог

with 150 grams of sugar,
Творожный торфяной пирог

whisk in the lush lather.
Творожный торфяной пирог

Add 300 grams (I had 250), cottage cheese,
Творожный торфяной пирог

100 grams of sour cream,
Творожный торфяной пирог

teaspoon of vanilla,
Творожный торфяной пирог

and once again all together, beat well.
Торфяной пирог рецепт с фото

In Split, or silicone mold (this is important) spread more than half of the dough and gently crush it.
Торфяной пирог рецепт с фото

Pour (she is getting enough liquid) filling,
Торфяной пирог рецепт с фото

top and pour the remaining batter.
Gently (better still take a rigid form was) put it on the middle shelf of the oven and bake for about 45 minutes so.
Торфяной пирог рецепт с фото

That's all wisdom, our peat cake is ready. It cools down fast enough, so; Ideas and eat it right away.
Торфяной пирог рецепт с фото

Finally, it will have to lay out very carefully, as he always strives to crumble and faults.
Enjoy your appetite.

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