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Semolina cakes with coconut

Манный кекс
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Tea and cake in the morning, afternoon and evening? With sweet jam and whipped cream! And not to get better! Dreams become reality. Small semolina cupcakes will not harm the figure, but it will take great pleasure.
By itself, cupcake, indeed, a product rich, high-calorie. Even dictionaries us talking about it - sweet, flour ... But you can make minor adjustments - and favorite cupcake will be available even bbw!



Keks- historical phenomenon. It was baked in antiquity, adding all kinds of fruit, candied fruit, nuts, sprinkled with grated almonds, coconut, pouring syrup. In Portugal, for example, Christmas fruitcake do is more of a filler than flour.
But back to our little cupcakes from semolina. A delicious, low-calorie dessert.

We need:

Манный кекс с кокосовой стружкой

1 coconut

3 tsp vanilla sugar

2 eggs

50g sugar

20 g of butter

70 g semolina

Carefully divide the yolks and whites.

Манный кекс

Манный кекс

Rub the yolks in a water bath, gradually adding sugar and vanilla usual.

Манный кекс

Extract of coconut milk, which pierce the scissors hole on its top and pour the contents. Now we must break the coconut or sawed to get tender white flesh.

Coconut pulp rub on a coarse grater and together with milk (coconut juice) is added to mashed yolks.

Pour the resulting mass semolina and carefully Stir the resulting dough.
Whisk in the egg white foam, pour into our preparation, knead - we've got a delicious manno-coconut batter.

Манный кекс

Preheat oven to 180 degrees.

Манный кекс
Molds for test grease with butter. Silicone molds are good, but can be any other, are accustomed to.

Манный кекс

Neatly fill the molds to test half their height.

Bake cupcakes for half an hour.

Манный кекс

Decorate cupcakes can be prepared the same coconut, whipped cream can, you can jam. Here it is - a fantasy and preferences mistress.
Dessert ready - bon appetit!

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