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Cheesecakes with apples recipe

Сырники с яблоками рецепт
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Cooking these cheesecakes with apples, I pushed my sons: they are in love with this fruit, which is almost all year round, and the various options for the preparation of curd is also not indifferent. But it can not stand the classic cheese cakes with raisins, and simple "no nothing", they (and me too, it must be confessed), the procedure had enough. So today will prepare these tasty but very simple cheese cakes with apple.



The first thing zaymёmsya apples. No exact weight (how many do not mind), but they should not be more than most of cottage cheese. Therefore, three large apple clean from the outside peel and core,
Сырники с яблоками рецепт

and rub on a coarse grater. In shallow just longer, and the difference in tenderness ready cheesecakes with apples, you just do not feel it.
Сырники с яблоками рецепт

Now knead uniform basis. 500 grams of cottage cheese,
Сырники с яблоками рецепт

two (although you can put three, worse will not be exact) of chicken eggs,
Сырники с яблоками рецепт

half a cup of sugar (although the children, followed closely by the process required to put just two cups)
Сырники с яблоками рецепт

quarter teaspoon ground cinnamon (not get carried away, it should not dominate)
Сырники с яблоками рецепт

and a high (300 ml) glass flour.
Сырники из творога с яблоками

All this mix. The mass of thick and sticky, so you have to make an effort to her well mixed. You may need to add more flour, if you have a very juicy apples, but it's - "by eye".
Сырники из творога с яблоками

Pour into the pan a couple of tablespoons of vegetable oil and set it on fire.
On a flat plate pour one ... two tablespoons of the same wheat flour. Wet hands (this is important, the dough will not stick, so wet after each have rolled up cheesecakes), make a ball, it collapses in the flour into the pan and spread. Makes it a little flattened,
Сырники из творога с яблоками

and continue to roll - roll - spread until it fills the entire pan.
Сырники из творога с яблоками

A minute later another ... when they fry one side until golden brown, turn over, cover with a lid, reduce to a minimum the fire. And so fry 10 more ... 12 minutes (have to watch).
Сырники из творога с яблоками

That's all wisdom, cheese cakes with apples ready. Enjoy your appetite.
Сырники из творога с яблоками

Finally. When you fry the second batch (and this volume is enough for two full pans), be sure to wash before frying pan, or wipe it with a paper towel. Since our cheesecakes with apples will not burn.

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