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Russian soups

How to cook bean soup

Как готовить фасолевый суп

Preparation of bean soup is not one of those dishes, "when there is very desirable, and time to prepare - just barely enough." But it is not because it is very difficult, very time-consuming, or need to be quite exotic products. No. On the contrary, everything is very simple, and just below you will see for yourself.

Russian beetroot soup cold

Russian beetroot soup cold

This cold beetroot soup, which is ready to teach me my in-law, always called friedge. I do not know why, but this name I did not catch the house, and I, many years later, still call him not only as a cold beetroot soup. But the essence, appearance, and most importantly - a taste of something that does not change.

How to cook soup kharcho Georgian

Суп харчо по-грузински

Georgian cuisine abounds petrol soups. Among them kharcho soup, which is not only more about the consistency of thick, but has a more intense vkus.Etot soup contains a lot of vitamins and minerals that are necessary for the inhabitants of the mountains. It gives not only a cheerful location, but also adds health. Besides soup kharcho beneficial effect on blood circulation and metabolism in the body. That is why he is a frequent guest at every Georgian family.

Now there are many different ways to cook soup kharcho. Some of them have the original recipe, but most still adapting it to the country and to the people who prepare it. We very popular spicy grub. However, the true Georgian soup kharcho spicier than acute.

Tasty meatball soup recipe - with photos

Вкуный суп с фрикадельками рецепт

Soup with meatballs. From this very name breathes something warm, homey, a kind of feeling of peace and tranquility. I do not know about you, but I have exactly the same feeling. After all, the reason for this - the meatballs are not molded on one soup, and a much larger number, then frozen, and lay there until a certain time. And you can always get them from the freezer and quickly prepare a delicious and simple soup with meatballs. After all, they are molded not only me, but all the people in the household, and this simple procedure brings together the whole family. But it is - in my case, and you are free to do as you see fit.

Mushroom soup recipe with photos

Грибной суп рецепт с фото

This very simple mushroom soup made from those products that have almost any store. And it can make almost any but the taste is thus obtained simply unmatched. Although such assurances you probably heard and read many times, believe me, it's worth the time that you spend in the kitchen, and the experience very soon want to repeat again.


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