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How to cook borsh without cabbage

Как приготовить борщ без капусты
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The reason for this strange cooking entree was the dialogue with her son:
- What kind of soup to cook?
- What you want, but without the cabbage.
- What is it?
- Borsch.
- But he's cabbage !?
- Do you boil without cabbage.



This culinary inquiry put me into a dead end. Okay, just without the cabbage, then cook without cabbage.
First of all boil the broth. Not the most aesthetically pleasing sight, but a piece of meat with bone, peppercorns, bay leaves a couple, a teaspoon of salt and a liter of water - and after 1.5 hours you have ready stock. Naturally, it is necessary to filter through a sieve.
Как приготовить борщ без капусты

Two small peeled carrot
Как приготовить борщ без капусты

and two tomatoes
Как приготовить борщ без капусты

just rub a couple of liters of fluid (with already filtered broth). Naturally, put the pan on the fire and stir well.
Как приготовить борщ без капусты

two beets
Как приготовить борщ без капусты

rub on a coarse grater
Как приготовить борщ без капусты

and let down into the already boiling water. Stir again.
Как приготовить борщ без капусты

Five small potatoes clean
Как приготовить борщ без капусты

Борщ без капусты

and throw in the already half Swar borscht. Clear no, just cleaned - cut - rubbed, and immediately threw into the pan. Naturally, everything is once again hurt.
Борщ без капусты

Boil all together 10 ... 12 minutes and let it brew for about half an hour - an hour.

That's all. Enjoy your meal.

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