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Mushroom soup recipe with photos

Грибной суп рецепт с фото
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Russian soups
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This very simple mushroom soup made from those products that have almost any store. And it can make almost any but the taste is thus obtained simply unmatched. Although such assurances you probably heard and read many times, believe me, it's worth the time that you spend in the kitchen, and the experience very soon want to repeat again.



First of all put the stew chicken broth. Use of this dietary fatty breast, or more, but more delicious wings - you decide. By and large, if the taste of change, slightly.
You will need 300 ... 350 grams of chicken, 2 ... 3 leaves lavrushki, 8 ... 10 peas black pepper and 1.5 ... 2 liters of water. Put on the fire and cook 40 minutes ... 1 hour.
Грибной суп рецепт с фото

Meanwhile my 300 grams of mushrooms, such as mushrooms. Their easiest to buy and in cooking, such as "boil, drain the water and Boil again," they are very unpretentious.
Грибной суп рецепт с фото

Besides require one average carrot
Грибной суп рецепт с фото

and five small potatoes. Vegetables should be brushed from the skin.
Грибной суп рецепт с фото

Mushrooms cut into thin plastic and lay fry in a hot pan, add one tablespoon of vegetable oil (not burnt).
Грибной суп рецепт с фото

Stand out a lot of moisture. Fry until evenly until it evaporates completely, without covering the pan with a lid and without reducing the fire under it.
Грибной суп рецепт с фото

Potatoes, cut into thick strips,
Грибной суп рецепт с фото

carrots rubbed on medium grater and lay the vegetables and mushrooms in broth ready. Of course, do not forget to add salt and a teaspoon of salt without top will suffice.
Грибной суп рецепт с фото

After that, our mushroom soup simmer another 15 ... 20 minutes (just try the potatoes for softness), and immediately pour on plates. Smell matchless and taste even better.

Enjoy your meal.

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