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Tasty meatball soup recipe - with photos

Вкуный суп с фрикадельками рецепт
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Russian soups
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Soup with meatballs. From this very name breathes something warm, homey, a kind of feeling of peace and tranquility. I do not know about you, but I have exactly the same feeling. After all, the reason for this - the meatballs are not molded on one soup, and a much larger number, then frozen, and lay there until a certain time. And you can always get them from the freezer and quickly prepare a delicious and simple soup with meatballs. After all, they are molded not only me, but all the people in the household, and this simple procedure brings together the whole family. But it is - in my case, and you are free to do as you see fit.



But I'm a little distracted. To make the meatballs to stick to the soup, take 250 ... 300 grams of minced meat (I do once per kg). If you will take pig-beef (like me) will be delicious, but greasy, pure beef - rough, but more diet. However, in any case, the choice is yours.

Вкуный суп с фрикадельками рецепт

In addition you will need one large onion. Its milled blender,

Вкуный суп с фрикадельками рецепт

mix with meat, salt, pepper,

Вкуный суп с фрикадельками рецепт 
Kata and many small meatballs. To all of them were the same size (but there is a temptation to make large), just mince them - one teaspoon. Scooped - rolled up - posted on a cutting board or flat plate. I'm usually more of a freeze, leaving only what is prepare now.
Суп с фрикадельками пошаговый рецепт 
In the three-liter saucepan put 2 ... boil 2.5 liters of water,
Суп с фрикадельками пошаговый рецепт 
and clean themselves until three medium potatoes,
Суп с фрикадельками пошаговый рецепт 
one medium carrot,
Суп с фрикадельками пошаговый рецепт 
Wash and 250 ... 300 grams of cauliflower. Ordinary my kids can not stand, but the color, though reluctantly, but eat.
Суп с фрикадельками пошаговый рецепт 
Meanwhile, the water boiled. Potatoes cut into small cubes and cook in boiling water to submit. Yes, the fire can be reduced to an average, closer to the small, still everything is cooked, and so our soup will not escape.
Суп с фрикадельками пошаговый рецепт 
Now it is the turn of carrots. It is no longer cut and rub on a coarse grater, and submit "to the company" to the already welded potatoes. Exact time, how many minutes to put the following ingredient is not, simply cut-rubbed - and puts into the pot.
Вкусный суп с фрикадельками рецепт 
Cauliflower. It also cut, but not on the inflorescence (to be large enough), and smaller, more cut into 2 ... 4 parts. And as you have already guessed - send in a semi our soup.
Вкусный суп с фрикадельками рецепт 
Now the fun part: how to put the meatballs. All teaspoons though identical, but they zachёrpyvayut stuffing all different, so my advice is: 20 meatballs per liter of water. So for this pan 60 pieces will be just right.
When all components are scored, add 1.5 ... 2 teaspoons of salt and cook for exactly five minutes.

That's all the wisdom, our soup with meatballs (in this case - a vegetable) ready.
Enjoy your meal.

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