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How to cook a delicious pea soup

Как сварить вкусный гороховый суп
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Russian soups
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Pea soup - this is a dish that is eaten everything, even staunch opponent first. And the reason for this one - unmatched, deep flavor. That's just the cook heard the request for the addition, and not dry and laconic "thank you", let's prepare it correctly.



When cooking peas is an important caveat: if you have not forgotten, and soak it in the evening (just poured into a saucepan liter of water), it is fully cooked for an hour and a half. And if you have not done - prepare to cook the peas for at least 2.5 hours, and often - and all three.
Thus, 400 grams of peas
Как сварить вкусный гороховый суп 
soak for at least 8 hours, and better fill it with a liter of water in the evening, let the swells until lunch the next day. Then, put two teaspoons of sugar, put the stew on a small fire.
Как сварить вкусный гороховый суп 
A piece of meat on the bone, about 400 grams,
Как сварить вкусный гороховый суп 
pour a liter of water, put a small onion right in the peel, two or three leaf leafs, 8 ... 10 balls put black pepper stew broth.
In addition to the pea soup we need:
Как сварить вкусный гороховый суп 
three medium potatoes,
Как сварить вкусный гороховый суп

one large carrot,
Как сварить вкусный гороховый суп 
and two or three (depending on size) smoked chicken wings.
Как сварить вкусный гороховый суп 
After 1.5 hours, peas
Как сварить вкусный гороховый суп 
and the broth is cooked, drain them in a pan,
вкусный гороховый суп 
diced cut potatoes
вкусный гороховый суп 
carrot rub on a coarse grater,
вкусный гороховый суп 
wings, cut into small pieces and put it all in our prefabricated pea soup.
вкусный гороховый суп 
Add a teaspoon of salt, add water up to 3 liters (if necessary) and cook for 20 minutes.
вкусный гороховый суп 
That's all our pea soup is ready.

Enjoy your meal.

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