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Russian beetroot soup cold

Russian beetroot soup cold
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This cold beetroot soup, which is ready to teach me my in-law, always called friedge. I do not know why, but this name I did not catch the house, and I, many years later, still call him not only as a cold beetroot soup. But the essence, appearance, and most importantly - a taste of something that does not change.



So today and prepare it, especially because it is so simple, even an inexperienced rookie to keep within a maximum of 25 minutes. A summer - the main season, when I cook, it is no less important than the taste of the finished dish.
But even before they begin preparations for the components of this cold beetroot soup, put in a pot to boil half a liter of water. And since then we cook it myself as borscht, its volume per liter should be more.
Three medium beets clean,
Свекольник холодный

also come with three potatoes.
Свекольник холодный

Two ... three fresh cucumber
Свекольник холодный

and a bunch of my greens and leave them to drain. What kind of use greens (parsley, dill, a mixture thereof or whatever) - you decide, but I have a cold beetroot soup necessarily add green onions.
Свекольник холодный

Beets cut into small cubes,
Свекольник холодный

We proceed similarly with potatoes. So she quickly cooked, and at the plate will look very appetizing.
Свекольник холодный

Poured them had time to boil water and cook.
Свекольник холодный

Two ... three (depending on size) rich tomato
Суп свекольник холодный

cut in half and rub so as to obtain a delicate tomato juice and peel remained rigid in your hands.
Суп свекольник холодный

Pour the tomato in a semi beetroot soup, add a teaspoon of salt with a slide and sugar, and cook until done so. It depends on the "youth" of beets and potatoes, and can vary from 10 to 15 minutes.
Суп свекольник холодный

Now put the stew boiled eggs, at the rate of one piece into two portions. And the rest - nothing new - 12 minutes after boiling. And be sure to put a spoonful of salt, so that even a cracked egg is not leaked.
Суп свекольник холодный

Beetroot cook. Leave it to cool with the lid open, and themselves in running water Let cool eggs.
Суп свекольник холодный

Cucumbers and finely cut foliage,
Суп свекольник холодный

and the right to collect a plate "puzzle" of the foundations had time to cool down, half an egg, cucumber and greens. And I still need to add a large spoonful of sour cream. Believe me, the worse will not be exact.

That's all the wisdom, cold beetroot soup is ready. But he and the cold to cool completely at least to room temperature, and better - to get it out of the fridge. Therefore, it will have to prepare in advance.
Enjoy your meal.

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