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Poultry dishes

Chicken dumplings

Пельмени с куриным фаршем

Dumplings with various meats, I really, really love. Moreover, these "feelings" entirely shares my eldest son. And my mother, and she was the chief and principal modeler, always prepares us "strategic reserve" in the freezer for a half pounds ... this dish. Which, oddly enough, very, very quickly ends.

Chicken stuffed with rice

Курица фаршированная рисом в духовке

A great dish for Sunday lunch or a public holiday - chicken stuffed with rice and mushrooms. It is appetizing to look at, different gentle, pleasant, rich flavor. In short, try this hot juicy masterpiece will delight even the sophisticated gourmet. Meanwhile, cook it - nothing could be simpler. You need to have a wish. 

Chicken with potatoes

Цыпленок запеченный с картофелем

This is a very simple dish - chicken with potatoes, from among those that are ready to "whip up" a minimum of products (you do this, make sure below) and do not require in this case at least some specific skills. All the contrary, is very accessible and easy. And still like insanely delicious. So today will prepare roast is entirely chicken with potatoes. And took less than one hour. 


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