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A delicious pilaf with chicken

Вкусный плов с курицей
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All kinds of pilaf absolutely any meat or poultry, are very fond of my sons. But this figure in its purest form - can not stand, and rice with fish for dinner for them the most terrible punishment.



And to somehow feed them this cereal, I cook pilaf it often enough. So today we have the menu - the easiest, as it would be experienced chef, "a classic risotto Chicken." And do it already "one left" and "eyes closed", and that you have turned it delicious and crumbly pilaf with chicken, and not "sticky, lumpy rice porridge with meat", there are a few tricks.
So, on average pilaf with chicken (you can increase or decrease these ratios), we need;
• 350 grams (or thereabouts) of rice. It can be any long or short, steamed, oiled or simple - it does not matter. This pilaf Chicken will absolutely anyone.
Вкусный плов с курицей

• Six chicken feet. Thighs are too fat, and breast contrast, lean, so it is the best option;
Вкусный плов с курицей

• two ... three teaspoons appropriate seasonings for chicken pilaf;
Вкусный плов с курицей

• salt - two teaspoons;
Вкусный плов с курицей

• Four medium onion bulbs;
Вкусный плов с курицей

• five carrots;
Рассыпчатый плов с курицей

• head of garlic;
Вкусный плов с курицей

• 50 ... 60 grams of vegetable oil;
Рассыпчатый плов с курицей

• and 900 ml of water. While preparing and pouring a liter in the same pilaf Chicken - nothing has changed.
Рассыпчатый плов с курицей

Onions clean and very finely chopped. And generally "less - the better" applies to our pilaf Chicken is the best. But do not use the kitchen helpers like a blender or meat grinder: Onion let the juice, and then frying golden color you'll never get.
Рассыпчатый плов с курицей

Pour into the pan a little more than half of the vegetable oil and put it on the fire to warm up. After a couple of minutes ... three, when it is well warmed up, spread the onion. It happens a lot. Do not worry, because we need to get a good golden color, and during this time the onion in the volume of strongly "lose weight."
Куриный плов рецепт с фото

And while preparing onions, carrots and clean too finely chopped.
Куриный плов рецепт с фото

In fact, what we will prepare our pilaf with chicken, spread rice, hot fried onion, pour the remaining oil and stir. In this simple way we oiled rice, and the finished dish, he will be very crumbly.
The pan carefully pour vegetable oil left, a couple of minutes warm up and spread her carrots.
Куриный плов рецепт с фото

Fry it for long, five minutes will be even a lot. Then she, spices, salt and chicken put in a pot of our, and stir again.
At 170 degrees set to heat up the oven.
Fill with water, put unpeeled clove of garlic (still then it is rolled), cover with lid and an hour to "forget" about this pilaf with chicken.
Куриный плов рецепт с фото

That's all wisdom,
Куриный плов рецепт с фото

Enjoy your appetite.

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