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Chicken in garlic

Цыпленок с чесноком
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Poultry dishes
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Recipe of chicken in garlic is very, very simple. And most importantly (and for many of us is the main positive quality of any dish), preparing it in less than 45 minutes.



For full meat, which we do not simply warm up and eat, and really prepare from A to Z, it's important. Very important. But it turns out it is not just edible, or even tasty and truly incomparable. My kids, who are willing to subscribe to every word written above, and always want it for breakfast, lunch and dinner for me - the best evidence. 
So, prepare chicken in garlic. But first of all put the oven to heat up. 200 ... 210 degrees is ideal for this. 
And in order to really have a delicious meal, we need self chicken. Weighing about one kilogram (gutted and cleaned of feathers and down, we do not do it raised and caught), and of course thawed. But it is better to take chilled with them much easier (no need to wait), and considerably more tender flesh. 
Цыпленок с чесноком
There also needs to be small (you can take half) head of garlic, 
Цыпленок с чесноком
heaped teaspoons of salt, 
Цыпленок с чесноком
and half a teaspoon of ground black pepper. 
Цыпленок с чесноком
Also need mayonnaise. Bit, two tablespoons will be enough. 
Цыпленок с чесноком в духовке
In pour mayonnaise salt and pepper, garlic and grind Garlic mix everything. The result was a gelatinous mass, which we will coat the chicken. 
Цыпленок с чесноком в духовке
On all sides by the outside, especially from the inside, daubed chicken. If time permits - leave it marinated for half an hour ... hour, will only tastier. We have the same this time there, so bake immediately, if the taste is reflected and then slightly. 
In a baking dish (or any non-stick frying pan), pour one ... two tablespoons of vegetable oil, spread it on the chicken and remove it in the oven on the middle shelf. 
Цыпленок с чесноком в духовке
It took the first 15 minutes of cooking. The chicken is well flushed out, but completely raw inside. Therefore reduce to a minimum the fire (mine is 150 degrees) and cook another 25 minutes so. 
That's all the wisdom, baked chicken with garlic and mayonnaise ready. Garnish to it can make anyone and can without it. This chicken in garlic sufficiently distinctive and delicious autumn dish and shade it with other flavors is not required. 
Цыпленок с чесноком в духовке
Enjoy your meal.
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