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Chicken with potatoes

Цыпленок запеченный с картофелем
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Poultry dishes
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This is a very simple dish - chicken with potatoes, from among those that are ready to "whip up" a minimum of products (you do this, make sure below) and do not require in this case at least some specific skills. All the contrary, is very accessible and easy. And still like insanely delicious. So today will prepare roast is entirely chicken with potatoes. And took less than one hour. 



And since we have a time limit, just turn on the oven to heat up. The temperature of 190 degrees is optimal for this.
Clean the peeled potatoes just hard sponge (or metal Brush and my wife is terrible because of this swearing, men will understand me). Can use and "adult" potatoes, technology does not change. The only advice: large, and especially the very large tubers cut into several pieces. And progotovitsya it faster and area golden brown, so beloved by many of us, there will be more. About 500 ... 600 grams, provided that the chicken itself little more than a kilogram or so.
Цыпленок запеченный с картофелем 
Chicken will wash, clean with it inside (not all manufacturers make it to the end)
Цыпленок запеченный с картофелем 
sprinkle with salt and black pepper, with both outside and inside. And to salt and pepper soaked in our chicken and not left outside to rub their confident, strong movements.
Цыпленок запеченный с картофелем 
Chicken ready for roasting. The pan without a handle or resembling in size shape, pour a teaspoon (no more, the bulk of fat stand out from the bird itself) of vegetable oil and put it on a stand in the center of our chicken. If the stand is not - it does not matter, take a simple glass bottle with water. She successfully replace any design for roasting poultry.
Put the chicken in the oven with potatoes and "forget" about it for 35 ... 45 minutes. More precise time define themselves as the size of the bird can be very different.
Цыпленок запеченный с картофелем 
And the best indicator that the chicken is ready, it's golden, golden brown on the outside. Serve immediately, with "piping hot", until the chicken and potatoes in particular, did not have time to cool down.
The only question is absolutely thrilling all of us, who will try this chicken with potatoes, it's all the same delicious bird or a vegetable? And the answer to this question look for yourself, and it will have to cook roast chicken with potatoes themselves.
Цыпленок запеченный с картофелем 
Bon appetit.

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