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Chicken dumplings

Пельмени с куриным фаршем
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Poultry dishes
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Dumplings with various meats, I really, really love. Moreover, these "feelings" entirely shares my eldest son. And my mother, and she was the chief and principal modeler, always prepares us "strategic reserve" in the freezer for a half pounds ... this dish. Which, oddly enough, very, very quickly ends.



But in order to diversify this simple, nutritious and very tasty dish, today I prepare chicken dumplings.
The first thing I cook the dough. After all, it must stand ready ... another hour to be sufficiently elastic and homogeneous. Proven, it is really necessary. Therefore, three cups flour
Пельмени с куриным фаршем

one egg,
Пельмени с куриным фаршем

and part-time cup of water (with egg and they just have to fill it completely)
Пельмени с куриным фаршем

knead together. Add a teaspoon of salt,
Пельмени с куриным фаршем

and again knead well.
Пельмени с куриным фаршем

"Forgets" the dough into our chicken dumplings, as mentioned above, for an hour ... two.
Make the filling. I'm lazy, and bought a ready minced chicken, you can also cook it yourself. But do not do it just because of the chicken breasts, although such a temptation, given the complete lack of bones in them, very great. Otherwise, chicken dumplings turn out quite dry, though very low-calorie diet and.
Thus, 350 ... 400 grams of minced meat,
Пельмени с куриным фаршем

add a teaspoon of salt without top,
Куриные пельмени рецепт

a quarter of it - ground black pepper,
Куриные пельмени рецепт

and two medium onions - pure and finely milled blender.
Куриные пельмени рецепт

Mix everything together. Stuffing for chicken dumplings ready.
Куриные пельмени рецепт

Now - the longest part modeling. Frankly, my patience for a long time and much is not enough, and wife, with her perseverance and calm character, a favorite "Sherlock Holmes" with Livanov and Solomin, can mold them indefinitely.
Piece of dough (you will soon determine the number of empirically), roll out into a thin pancake small rolling pin. Irreplaceable thing, get me out of some puppet set. And it caught on so well in my kitchen that gives the impression that its presence - a mandatory attribute for any novice (and not) cook.
Куриные пельмени рецепт

Now teaspoon (also a kind of measurement), put the stuffing on one half,
Куриные пельмени рецепт

Folding and zascheplyaem the contour edges. One chicken dumpling ready
Пельмени из куриного фарша рецепт

remains as to stick the rest.
Пельмени из куриного фарша рецепт

They get a lot, so some frozen immediately, and the remaining cook. In one and a half liters of water,
Пельмени из куриного фарша рецепт

pour a teaspoon of salt, and put on the fire to boil. This is - to brew at a time (and hot water you probably immediately re-use) for 20 ... 25 pieces. Therefore, if your appetite more - just increase this proportion.
Пельмени из куриного фарша рецепт

When the water boiled, casting our ready, but it was raw chicken dumplings cooked. Immediately stir them from the bottom, as they are and strive to stick to it.
Пельмени из куриного фарша рецепт

When the water began to boil again, and dumplings surfaced, so they cook one more minute,
Пельмени из куриного фарша рецепт

then decompose on the plates and immediately; Ideas. Cool down our chicken dumplings very quickly, and therefore they should have the same right.

That's all, enjoy your appetite.
Finally. Very soon experience cooking dumplings Qurna I repeated again. After all, what was cooked (and it is a little more than a hundred pieces), somewhere completely podevalis. Absolutely. And even it is unclear where they all disappeared.

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