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Minced turkey cutlets

Котлеты из фарша индейки
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Poultry dishes
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These turkey burgers (or turkey cutlets - as you prefer) are significantly different from the ones I used to cook more or less regularly.



And all because they are thus "two in one": meat dish and a side dish to it. And in some culinary show emphasizes their lightness and very low, just any calorie. Therefore, in order to please his wife, and to try a new recipe, today I will make these turkey burgers.
But first zaymёmsya not meat (although if it is ice cream, it must be completely defrosted), and rice. It must boil until half, and then a glass of cereals,
Котлеты из фарша индейки

pour a glass of water and set on fire. When it boiled, pinpoint exactly five minutes and then turn off the fire. Another five ... ten minutes, followed by the remaining moisture is absorbed, and the rice has cooled slightly.
Котлеты из фарша индейки

Now the meat.
Котлеты из фарша индейки

Nothing specific and difficult to do with it is not necessary, just a pound of turkey resin "in the dust" blender.
Котлеты из фарша индейки

One large zucchini,
Котлеты из фарша индейки

three on a coarse grater long stripes. Although later in the finished turkey cutlets it is not felt just looked so (as for me) and beautiful.
Котлеты из фарша индейки рецепт

Meanwhile, cook and even had time to cool slightly Fig.
Котлеты из фарша индейки рецепт

Mix it with grated zucchini, turkey stuffing, add a teaspoon of salt, a little ground black pepper (although I forgot to add) and mix everything well.
Котлеты из фарша индейки рецепт

The pan (ideally - with non-stick coating) pour a drop of vegetable oil and put it on the fire to warm up. Wet hands form the same balls, spread them and gently presses. So turn out small but lush turkey cutlets. Fry them with one hand for about five minutes,
Котлеты из фарша индейки рецепт

then turn over, cover with a lid and reduce to a minimum the fire. So progotavlivaem turkey burgers for another ten minutes,
Котлеты из фарша индейки рецепт

and then immediately; Ideas them. After cool turkey cutlets very quickly. And then the promised splendor and airiness not a trace remains.
Котлеты из фарша индейки рецепт

That's all the wisdom. Enjoy your appetite.

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