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Dairy Dishes

Casserole cheese-chocolate marble

Casserole cheese-chocolate marble

All kinds of cheese on the pies and puddings I do that they say, "eaten a dog". And really, it is very difficult to surprise me with exotic recipe. But I immediately liked this marble chocolate casserole, the pictures do not convey the truly amazing structure and a very interesting appearance that you get. This marble casserole really surprised me. Pleasantly surprised. So don't waste the waiting time, cook it yourself. Moreover, it is very simple.

Production of cottage cheese at home

Изготовление творога в домашних условиях

This recipe I spodvig my youngest son. He asked only one question, which discouraged and deprived me speechless: "The recipe is simple and you wrote cheese?". Indeed, the number of my favorite dishes of the fermented milk product is already talking to dozens, and the number just tested in practice, has long exceeded one hundred.

Cheese fritters

Сырники пышные рецепт с фото

Most of us associate with cheesecakes kindergarten or breakfast on a weekday with my grandmother that she had prepared in the early morning and we are still in the dark winter morning and pitch dark outside, bare feet slapping on the linoleum floor, has trudged into the kitchen. And we have not woken up by the gentle words like "wake up, late for school" or annoying alarm, and from the wonderful smell that comes with a small and sometimes even close, but warm and cozy kitchens.

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