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Сырники пышные рецепт с фото
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Most of us associate with cheesecakes kindergarten or breakfast on a weekday with my grandmother that she had prepared in the early morning and we are still in the dark winter morning and pitch dark outside, bare feet slapping on the linoleum floor, has trudged into the kitchen. And we have not woken up by the gentle words like "wake up, late for school" or annoying alarm, and from the wonderful smell that comes with a small and sometimes even close, but warm and cozy kitchens.



But we grew up, and now we prepare breakfasts. But here's the thing: oatmeal we already pretty bored, scrambled eggs with sausage or cheese omelet we can not see, and breakfast cereals with milk leave on those days when it was quite late. So today will prepare delicious cheesecakes.
For this we need 500 grams of cottage cheese. If he Krupka - resin blender, no - do just as well,
Сырники пышные рецепт с фото

one egg (no more, it is a liquid eggs, and cheese cakes from raspolzutsya)
Сырники пышные рецепт с фото

100 grams (five heaped tablespoons) granulated sugar
Сырники пышные рецепт с фото

and the same amount of flour - 2/3 cup.
Сырники пышные рецепт с фото

All this mix well, add a pinch of salt, stir once more,
Сырники пышные рецепт с фото

and form 7 ... 8 equal patties. Collapsing them in flour to frying not wor,
Сырники пышные рецепт с фото

and spread into the pan. Fry them over high heat on each side 3 ... 4 minutes until golden brown, then cover with a lid, reduce to a minimum the fire and their dogotavlivaem 15 ... 20 minutes.
Сырники пышные рецепт с фото

That's all the wisdom and subtlety. Serve them with sour cream, jam or syrup while still hot. But when you consider the number of consumers at the table and the portions for each of them, be prepared that many asked supplements.

Enjoy your meal.

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