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Изготовление творога в домашних условиях
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Dairy Dishes
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This recipe I spodvig my youngest son. He asked only one question, which discouraged and deprived me speechless: "The recipe is simple and you wrote cheese?". Indeed, the number of my favorite dishes of the fermented milk product is already talking to dozens, and the number just tested in practice, has long exceeded one hundred.



But how to prepare the foundation (I confess, is most often used for its finished cheese concoction), never wrote. Although he is prepared of only two ingredients:
• yogurt,
Изготовление творога в домашних условиях

• and milk. They take in equal proportions, e.g. liter per liter.
Изготовление творога в домашних условиях

Further we need water, about one liter, but not for cooking, and to make a steam bath.
From cookware also need a minimum: pots, volume two and three liters (to be smaller with a lid) and a large sieve. Although many housewives say with confidence that the metal spoils the delicate taste of this simple cheese and use a piece of gauze, so that it can drain off. I do not know, did not feel any difference in the color or the taste, so prepare well.
Building a "pyramid". In a large saucepan, pour water, put a smaller pot, pour it in milk and yogurt,
Изготовление творога в домашних условиях

cover with a lid and set on fire. When the water boils, reduce it to a minimum, and at the hour of "forgetting" our simple cheese cake mix.
Изготовление творога в домашних условиях

An hour later, turn off the fire. But do not merge serum and give it to stand for eight ... twelve hours. So our simple cheese will reach the right consistency and "ripen".
Изготовление творога в домашних условиях

Now gives him a sieve, drain and give serum. Usually half an hour ... hour it enough.
Приготовление домашнего творога из молока

Incidentally, the serum itself. It is obtained from two liters of kefir and milk mixture and a half liters. But do not rush her to pour out: it will be an excellent basis for pancakes, Pancakes, I cook too, quite regularly.
Приготовление домашнего творога из молока

That's all wisdom, our plain cheese is ready. And believe me, no purchase with him never like no taste, no tenderness, no freshness.
Приготовление домашнего творога из молока

Enjoy your appetite.

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