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How to cook semolina porridge

Как правильно сварить манную кашу
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This milk porridge semolina known yet from the far childhood. Moreover, there are a lot of supporters and opponents of this simple breakfast, and about its benefits or harm, they say more than a thousand times.



But for me, the greatest discovery was that what they do is semolina. After all the years I (and not only me, as it turned out) believed that semolina in the form in which is sold in packs and in bulk, if and grow. And what was my surprise that semolina,
Как правильно сварить манную кашу

it is nothing like a special way grind grains of wheat, even high quality. Indeed, a significant discovery for me. So today, a simple step by step recipe to answer the question of how to cook porridge semolina so that very soon wanted more than once to repeat the experience.
And besides cereals, which need 25 grams (one and a half tablespoons) is based on one full serving, need 250 ... 300 ml of milk,
Как правильно сварить манную кашу

and 10 (two teaspoons) of sugar. Although I really do not like to cook one portion (more to get dirty dishes than eat), so it is better to increase the proportion of these two ... three times.
Как правильно сварить манную кашу

Put the milk to boil. And then in a hurry to forget (and semolina preparation process is very fast, so make the most of it for breakfast), pour sugar in it right away, and put a small pinch of salt.
When the milk boil, reduce to a minimum the fire, and continuously promeshivaya, sleeps trickle semolina.
Как правильно сварить манную кашу

Asleep? And why have ceased to interfere? After all, so she just instantly pristynet and will burn. Therefore, another three ... four minutes cook, stirring constantly, especially at the bottom, and then give a couple of minutes just to stand and walk.
Как правильно сварить манную кашу

Poured it on plates, add the butter and; Ideas. After semolina very quickly cools, so breakfast (lunch or dinner) from it, should not be delayed "indefinitely."
Как правильно сварить манную кашу

That's all wisdom, that actually there and not at all. And now you know how to cook porridge semolina, while tasty, uniform and without lumps.
Enjoy your appetite.

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