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Russian soups

Recipe noodle soup with chicken

Рецепт супа лапши с курицей

Recipes, which prepares the noodle soup is very, very simple, you can even say primitive, but at the same time very, very tasty. It will repeat almost every rookie, but he has successfully become a subject of pride for even experienced cooks. Therefore theoretical experience to become practical, just cook it.

Russian fish soup

Russian fish soup

Most males, especially those who do go fishing, just seeing these photos, contemptuously say that this is not the ear, and fish soup. Of course, it is tasty, nourishing dish that is cooked in a large, smoked pot directly on the fire, when everything froze considerably, possibly wet and very hungry, do not go to any comparison with what I'll make today. But the fire, the pot, the relative lack of sanitation and modern kitchen concepts incompatible, so make a "domesticated" version of the soup.

Green borsch recipe with photos

Зеленый борщ рецепт с фото

Green borsch, anyway, has absolute seasonality. And it is not only in young leaves of sorrel, which in the spring is very juicy and green as possible, but that it is green borscht vitamin flow after a cold winter. Here it is this "vitamin explosion" today and we will prepare, and in the lean version. So we are going to struggle with excess pounds and extra calories, because ahead of us and sunny summer with his very revealing clothes and tiny bathing suits.

Meatless soup puree of mushrooms

Постный суп пюре из шампиньонов

Many of us (and I - no exception), when referring to a short word "soup" brain immediately draws nourishing meat soup, thick soup, beetroot soup, in which "stands spoon" or the ear of so many different kinds of fish that do not have enough fingers on two hands bend at its listing. But I, like many of today in an attempt to diversify its menu, as well as under the influence of moralistic wife, who always insists on the "lightness and caloric intake", try to cook soup.

Cream of cauliflower soup recipe with photos

Крем суп из цветной капусты рецепт с фото

Soup, or as they are lately more often called soup can be prepared from anything. On meat and fish broth, with absolutely all vegetables and even some fruits, cheese and cream, yogurt, even on cold kefir and many more variations and varieties.
However, today we prepare almost classic version of soup-puree with cauliflower without adding meat or fish. But he will not lean, and enough high-calorie, although very, very gentle.

Bean soup with mushrooms

Суп фасолевый с грибами

I do not know about you, but in 99% of all the recipes of soups that I know and cook, necessarily includes potatoes. And the soup, and the soup and pickle, and ear, and even pea soup - always in the list of ingredients to eat potatoes.

Russian meat soup solyanka step by step recipe

Russian meat soup solyanka step by step recipe

Not knowing what you have, but if a cheerful, noisy celebration is not in the nature or in places of entertainment, and I have at home or at the cottage, he dragged well past midnight. And not quite sober, but happy and tired guests wander into different rooms and surrender themselves to the Morpheus.

But in the morning, which often occurs in the afternoon, raises rumpled and not very cheerful people out of bed and almost everyone wants the same, liquid, hot and cold dishes that not only warms the hands of the soul, but also very pleasant to the taste.

Have you wondered how to cook golden and fragrant broth? Here are some tips:
All herbs: parsley, celery, carrots, first cut in half and fry on one side only and without oil, then toss in the pan. Strain and pour in the broth broth husk 1-2 bulbs or put crude onion - surprisingly broth becomes amazingly beautiful and transparent.
Cover with water, cover, going to cook the soup, so it boils faster. Then remove the cover and reduce heat.
To salt remained crumbly and dry, put it in a few grains of rice, they absorb moisture.


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