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Russian fish soup

Russian fish soup
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Russian soups
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Most males, especially those who do go fishing, just seeing these photos, contemptuously say that this is not the ear, and fish soup. Of course, it is tasty, nourishing dish that is cooked in a large, smoked pot directly on the fire, when everything froze considerably, possibly wet and very hungry, do not go to any comparison with what I'll make today. But the fire, the pot, the relative lack of sanitation and modern kitchen concepts incompatible, so make a "domesticated" version of the soup.



First of all put the stew broth. I always when carve some red fish, salmon, pink salmon or something, cut off substandard parts, like the tail, fins and thin abdomen. There you have it still will not, and for nourishing and tasty broth, they fit perfectly.
Уха из горбуши рецепт

You will of course need the water, while a liter is enough
Уха из горбуши рецепт

one small onion, not clean, cook directly in the skin,
Уха рецепт приготовления

few leaves lavrushki, 10 ... 12 balls of black pepper and two - scented. And naturally, a teaspoon of salt. Boil everything under the hood, after boiling 30 ... 40 minutes on low heat.
Уха из горбуши рецепт

A clean themselves while three large potatoes,
Уха из горбуши рецепт

and one large carrot.
Уха из горбуши рецепт

Chop the potatoes,
Уха рецепт приготовления

carrots and rub on a coarse grater.
Уха из горбуши рецепт

Meanwhile Swar broth. Drain it, put in a three-liter pot of all ingredients and pour broth.
Уха рецепт приготовления

Add the contents of one jar of canned fish in oil, reviewing the contents into small pieces, the liquid component to the same, add water up to the top and cook for 20 ... 25 minutes.
Уха рецепт приготовления

That's all, and if the time is not "running out", and not an empty stomach growls, give ear to infuse another 30 ... 40 minutes.
Уха рецепт приготовления

Enjoy your meal.

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