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Soup with dumplings recipe with photos

Суп с пельменями рецепт с фото
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Russian soups
Russian cuisine


Soup with dumplings. This is not even a simple, but very simple soup can cook almost every beginner. Moreover, the time it takes the presence of all the ingredients just half an hour (of course, if they have at home), but it is very tasty and not less beautiful soup with dumplings will have you on the table.



Thus, we begin to prepare our soup with dumplings. For it is worth to buy in advance and remove the "better times" the smallest ravioli. To dish rejoice and eyes too, not just the stomach, and for a single dish 300 grams will be enough. Although we do not know what manufacturer they "stuffed", sometimes you can arrange yourself this day.
Суп с пельменями рецепт с фото

And to speed up the process (not just to meet the 30 minutes and get ahead of schedule), 1.5 liters of water put to boil.
Суп с пельменями рецепт с фото

Clean three or four medium potatoes,
Суп с пельменями рецепт с фото

and two small (or one large) carrots.
Суп с пельменями рецепт с фото

Potatoes cut into thin strips rather short (faster to swara)
Суп с пельменями рецепт с фото

and carrots cut into more smaller.
Суп с пельменями рецепт с фото

The water boiled, she boldly Throw in chopped vegetables and covered with a lid, cook their 8 ... 10 minutes on medium heat.
Суп с пельменями рецепт с фото

Now let down there and dumplings after boiling soup boil exactly 5 minutes. And do not forget to add salt (tea spoons of salt would be enough), but whether or not to add freshly ground black pepper - you decide. Surely the manufacturer, and so put them in a lot of different spices, so do not get carried away.
Суп с пельменями рецепт с фото

Ladle the soup with dumplings on plates, and if you put them in svezheporezanuyu greens, it will be even tastier.

Суп с пельменями рецепт с фото

As you sit, we missed just 25 minutes.
Enjoy your meal.

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