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Bean soup with mushrooms

Суп фасолевый с грибами
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I do not know about you, but in 99% of all the recipes of soups that I know and cook, necessarily includes potatoes. And the soup, and the soup and pickle, and ear, and even pea soup - always in the list of ingredients to eat potatoes.



Therefore, this recipe bean soup with mushrooms seemed to me very interesting, and above all - its composition:
• Beans;
• Mushrooms;
• Onions;
• Carrots;
• Green dill;
• Tomato paste or fresh tomato. Everything, no meat or fish broth, potatoes, no it does not contain. Very interesting and I decided to have to try, and one day he had prepared. Now I share lessons learned with you.

The first step took 250 grams of beans. White or color - no matter the technology remains the same, as well, and taste.
Суп фасолевый с грибами

Pour into a saucepan three-liter (and it is going to cook), previously washed her naturally good and filled with 1.5 liters of boiling water. Everything, let soak a couple of hours.
Суп фасолевый с грибами

After a couple of hours in the same water put to boil, and he took 350 grams of mushrooms oyster mushrooms, wash well,
Суп фасолевый с грибами

cut them with their legs and medium-sized cut.
Суп фасолевый с грибами

When the beans cook properly after boiling for 20 minutes (it was necessary to reduce the heat), add mushrooms to it. Feet tougher and prepare longer, so let it stew.
Суп фасолевый с грибами

On a deep frying pan with a lid poured about 50 grams of vegetable oil and put it on the fire to warm up.
One medium onion cleaned,
Суп фасолевый с грибами

finely chopped,
Суп фасолевый с грибами

and put to brown uncovered.
Как готовить фасолевый суп

One large (or two medium) carrots cleaned,
Как готовить фасолевый суп

rubbed on a coarse grater,
Как готовить фасолевый суп

and put to the onions to brown.
Как готовить фасолевый суп

Mushroom caps cut into thin, long strips,
Как готовить фасолевый суп

laid out in the pan, stir, cover and already reduced to a minimum the fire.
Как готовить фасолевый суп

Five minutes later, two ... three tablespoons of tomato paste plus 100 ml of water we place in pan
Как готовить фасолевый суп

stir and simmer, covered for another five ... seven minutes.
Как готовить фасолевый суп

Now we shift the contents of the frying pan into the pot, add a teaspoon of salt and boil for another five ... seven minutes.
Как готовить фасолевый суп

And while the soup cook a little longer, washed with a large bunch of dill (can be two in this volume).
Как готовить фасолевый суп

finely cut,
Как готовить фасолевый суп

and we place in a dish with hot bean-mushroom soup. Dill in this case is not just decoration in the principle of "like - not like", and the component of the soup.

That's all the wisdom, bon appetit.

As you can see, everything is very simple, fast enough (unless you consider the time until razmoknet beans), and a very original taste. And he believe me, simply matchless, and most importantly, like many soups with vegetables, very light, so rather cook this bean soup with mushrooms. Just do not regret it.

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