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Meat in red wine recipe

Meat in red wine recipe
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The meat in wine. This simple, but incredibly tasty dishes that I cook on holiday, is always in the center of the table. Still, even the staunch lovers of fish, or birds that are trying to prove their preferences in the most heated arguments recognize that it always manages my glory. But few people know that it is preparing a ridiculously simple and even elementary, of a minimum of ingredients, but there is one important secret: it must be marinated a day. This means that the decision about what you will prepare tomorrow will have to take today. While the rest - all very simple, and you are now in the see for yourself.



So meat. It can be beef,
Мясо в красном вине рецепт

or pork, anyway. Technology, cooking time, and what must be confessed, taste, remain the same.
Мясо в красном вине рецепт

But do not take for cooking meat in wine, beef or lamb (kebab analogy can be traced quite clearly, but all the same it is not necessary). They are too hard, and tender meat in wine, you just do not get.
By the way wine. It can be white, pink or red, dry or semi-sweet - decide. But do not use for the preparation of this dish fortified wine: it will be too "rubber". And so - the most simple and cheap.
Мясо в красном вине рецепт

Fill them meat (about half the rate of one and a half bottles of 0.7 kg of meat), and 24 hours of "forgotten" in the refrigerator.
Мясо в красном вине рецепт

Twenty-four hours have passed. At 220 degrees set to heat up the oven. In addition to the meat we need quite a bit (a tablespoon will be enough) vegetable oil
Мясо в красном вине рецепт

and a teaspoon of salt.
Мясо в вине красном

In a frying pan, or any suitable size baking dish, pour the oil, pour half of the salt,
Мясо в вине красном

Put the meat,
Мясо в вине красном

second half sprinkle salt on the top shelf of the oven (or grill below) for 20 minutes to bake set.
Мясо в вине красном

So we "seal" all the juice inside, making our meat in the wine even more tender and juicy. Then reduce the heat to 180 degrees and 190 ... hour ... an hour and twenty ten, dogotavlivaem it.
Мясо в вине красном

That's all wisdom, baked meat in wine is ready. And delicious it right until hot (resist such dishes is simply impossible), and when cooled, such as a sandwich.
Мясо в вине красном

Enjoy your appetite.

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