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Russian dish liver BeefStroganoff

Russian dish liver BeefStroganoff
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In the title "BeefStroganoff" is based on what it needs to be made: beef or veal. Therefore, to maintain historical justice in the preparation of  liver Stroganoff, make it out of beef liver, and the rest will strictly follow the rules of cooking.



A piece of beef liver thaw, or cook it fresh (so be gentle).
Russian dish liver BeefStroganoff

Remove pellicle with a thin knife  (it's quite simple, and tenderness of beefStroganoff will vary at times) and rinse well. If time permits soak in a couple of liters of water per 2 ... 3 hours, so it will come from the blood. Well, if there is no extra time – prepare as it is.
Russian dish liver BeefStroganoff

Cut the liver into long, thin slices,
Russian dish liver BeefStroganoff

and send on to the pan, adding a little vegetable oil.
Russian dish liver BeefStroganoff

Peel one large onion (or two small),
Russian dish liver BeefStroganoff

and cut into thin half-rings.
Russian dish BeefStroganoff

Put the onions  to the liver and mix well.
Russian dish BeefStroganoff

And  a tablespoon of flour,
Russian dish BeefStroganoff

and 150 ml water (2/3 Cup),
Russian dish BeefStroganoff

make the base for the sauce. Be sure to hydrate the flour in cold water, otherwise it will do the lumps.
Stirring constantly, cook it until boiling (it's 1 ... 2 minutes max),
Russian recipe BeefStroganoff

then add 200 grams (one Cup) of sour cream and again bring it to boil.
Russian recipe BeefStroganoff

Pour sauce to half-ready liver, salt and pepper (to taste), and be sure to add ground coriander.
Russian recipe BeefStroganoff

Stir again and simmer our beef Stroganoff, covered 2 ... 3 minutes.
Russian recipe BeefStroganoff

That's all - our liver beefStroganoff  is ready.

Bon appetit. Believe me, it's insanely delicious and the meat really melts in your mouth.

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