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Liver cutlets Russian recipe

How to cook liver cutlets
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Meat dishes
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Dishes from the liver cooked not simple quickly, but very quickly. Liver and meatballs this is no exception. Well really, what a full meat dish can be prepared in just 20 minutes?



Here I am, attracted by the brevity of cooking "A to z", I decided to make liver burgers. Because for cooking liver cutlets, except for the liver, you only need onions, carrots and flour. Little, indeed, very, very simple.
But if you thought in advance about what will be cooked (e.g., during the morning meal, clearly decided what cook for dinner), liver should be a good soaked.
How to cook liver cutlets

Nothing complicated but it is not. Just a piece (I took 300 grams) which you will prepare, pour two to three litres of water ... and walk away or go to work. Before cooking, remove the liver from the water (its bloody dark color you're surprised) and allow to drain off excess moisture, just placing it on a flat plate for another 10 ... 15 minutes. Believe me, this simple operation will allow the dish from the liver to be noticeably softer. After all, we are preparing not only delicious but also delicate cutlets from the liver.
How to cook liver cutlets

In addition, peel and wash one large onions
How to cook liver cutlets

and two medium carrots.
How to cook liver cutlets

Now the liver, onions and carrots well enough pitch in a homogeneous liquid mass in a blender
How to cook liver cutlets

add a tall glass of flour (200 grams),
Delicious liver patties

chicken egg (that is, excess moisture, but it will be much tastier), salt (a teaspoon without top), spices (at least black pepper and cardamom) and mix well. If time is not running out – leave the mixture for 10 minutes ... 15 just on the table, the flour will swell and meatballs will be crisper. But if "very hungry", the cook. The taste of the finished dish is almost not affected.
Delicious liver patties

Now in a pan pour a little vegetable oil (a couple teaspoons, no more), heat it and spread a tablespoon of our future meatballs. Fry for a minute on one side,
Delicious liver patties

then turn over and fry the other side too one minute.
Delicious liver patties

Put Nazarene thus the cutlets in a colander (usually 3 ... 4 party), standing over a saucepan of water or in a steamer and cook so for ten minutes.
Delicious liver patties

Tender liver cutlets are ready. On the side you might want to mash or boil the milk Pshenko. Believe me, it will be even tastier. The only "but": the majority of consumers, having tried air soft and unforgettable taste of these liver cutlets will ask for the additive, so you have to cook a dish "with reserve".
Delicious liver patties

Bon appetit.

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