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Russian dish vareniki

To say that vareniki with cottage cheese is my favorite dish, it would be a lie. This is not so. As a man, I like meat and fish. But ,  I have in the menu fermented dishes in General, dishes from cottage cheese in particular at least twice a week. And traditional Russian dish vareniki (dumplings) with cottage cheese is one option when you need to quickly and satisfying to eat something. So frozen, they're always in my fridge.

How to cook dumplings with potatoes

How to cook dumplings with potatoes

Dumplings with potatoes is a favorite dish of my younger son that he is ready eat it  for Breakfast lunch and dinner, non-stop, and it's not boring (tested in practice). So the package with a stock of dumplings are always in the freezer, and a culinary "promotion" – one of his most favorite. Therefore, I always have vareniki with potatoes.

Green borsch recipe with photos

Зеленый борщ рецепт с фото

Green borsch, anyway, has absolute seasonality. And it is not only in young leaves of sorrel, which in the spring is very juicy and green as possible, but that it is green borscht vitamin flow after a cold winter. Here it is this "vitamin explosion" today and we will prepare, and in the lean version. So we are going to struggle with excess pounds and extra calories, because ahead of us and sunny summer with his very revealing clothes and tiny bathing suits.

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