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How to cook dumplings with cherry

Как приготовить вареники с вишней
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Flour dishes


Frankly, dumplings with cherry always thought only of seasonal dishes. When it's quite short time to collect this ripe, juicy and incredibly tasty berries. But then did not have time to cook it dumplings with it, since there are other, more delicious (I think), meals out of it.



But one winter day, while in the local supermarket, I came across a bag of frozen berries from which all her virtues, and were even removed the stone. "Eureka", glad I thought, of course bought it and went straight home to his favorite kitchen to cook dinner most delicious and desirable (particularly for me to this day), dumplings with frozen cherries.
And if with the berries, we will not do anything (pack of 400 grams do not even need to defrost)
Как приготовить вареники с вишней

then the dough into our dumplings with frozen cherries need to cook. It is very simple, yet tasty, and it turns out very flexible. And for dishes with a "wet" filling is very, very important. Therefore, one egg,
Как приготовить вареники с вишней

200 ml water
Как приготовить вареники с вишней

tea spoons of salt,
Как приготовить вареники с вишней

and 250 grams of wheat flour,
Как приготовить вареники с вишней

knead into a uniform dough. It is an hour and a half ... should just stand on the table at room temperature. And then it will really be a real test for any dumplings or ravioli: elastic, will cling well and at the same time - not a tear. And of course - will be very tasty.
Как приготовить вареники с вишней

Lepim dumplings. This always helps me wife, so just write with her words: "table sprinkled with flour (the dough is not stuck). Tear off a piece, make him a ball and roll out with a rolling pin small (she has this in the arsenal). Well, you can use an ordinary glass bottle, but it must be periodically priporashivat all the same flour.
Вареники с мороженой вишней

At an impromptu "pancake" lay three berries,
Вареники с мороженой вишней

and close up, from the center to the edges.
Вареники с мороженой вишней

Just do the rest of the dumplings with frozen cherries. " They, incidentally, can be put into the freezer again, and then, if necessary, just cook them. But today we have a different goal. So the water for them (one and a half ... two liters), put on the fire to boil.
Вареники с мороженой вишней

When it boiled, threw our dumplings, and when it comes to a boil again, pinpoint exactly three minutes.
Вареники с мороженой вишней

That's all wisdom, our dumplings with frozen cherries, ready. We serve and eat them right away, since they are just the most delicious "with the heat from the heat." But when it cools down very quickly, so it quickly to the table.
Вареники с мороженой вишней

Enjoy your appetite.

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