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Russian dish vareniki
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To say that vareniki with cottage cheese is my favorite dish, it would be a lie. This is not so. As a man, I like meat and fish. But ,  I have in the menu fermented dishes in General, dishes from cottage cheese in particular at least twice a week. And traditional Russian dish vareniki (dumplings) with cottage cheese is one option when you need to quickly and satisfying to eat something. So frozen, they're always in my fridge.



But compared to those that are sold in grocery stores and supermarkets and those that I cooked myself  is like the sky and the earth. Though they use the same cheese, the same flour, the same egg and sugar, not  mention the water and salt, in every large and small manufacturers. So what is so unique I put in them? I don't know, but that is not important. So today, once again, We'll prepare traditional Russian dish vareniki in your kitchen, you just repeate step-by-step recipe, and will be very pleasantly surprised with the result.

So the first stage, the dough. Actually, it's very simple, and it is no different from what I cook for different dumplings or ravioli. Take three cups of flour.
Russian dish vareniki

a glass of cool water, a pinch of salt,
Russian dish vareniki

and one chicken egg. Knead everything into a homogeneous mass. Knead with your hands  until it stops sticking to your hands. So we understand that the dough is ready.
 Russian dish vareniki

Give it "rest" just putting aside, at room temperature, and meanwhile, prepare a filling.
Russian dish vareniki

400 grams of cottage cheese,
Russian dish vareniki

mix with a half Cup (100 grams) of sugar. If the cottage cheese "lumps", grind it in a blender.
 Russian dish vareniki

But add to it the egg or not, see for yourself. It all depends on the "dryness" of cheese, stuffing should not "float" and especially some liquid. It's so dumplings with cottage cheese just won't salapada, or will spread during cooking.
traditional russian cuisine

The filling is made. Starting to "marry" with the dough.
 traditional russian cuisine

Of the total pinch off a piece of dough a bit and roll out with a rolling pin (hands not work, the dough is cool enough) in an impromptu shoot, the size of children's hands.
traditional russian cuisine

Teaspoon (ideal for stuffing) put it on our "pancake",
traditional russian cuisine

and pinch it in the middle first, and then the edges. So one varenik - dumpling is ready.
traditional russian cuisine

Left to stick another 59 pieces (namely 60 and the average is obtained from this amount of dough and filling). Flour a flat surface and lay out. Eat them immediately or freeze it – decide for yourself, but a "culinary assistance in the freezer" always help you to cook dinner or breakfast шт a minute.
traditional russian cuisine

Put them in boiling, salted water and once it boils again, cook for five minutes. And sour cream is simply necessary for vareniki - dumplings with cottage cheese . So they are not just very tasty, and unreal delicious.
traditional russian cuisine

Prepare them and you. Bon appetit.

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