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Georgian cuisine

Lazy khachapuri with cheese in a pan

Ленивые хачапури с сыром на сковороде

On the Internet are countless recipes on how to cook the lazy khachapuri. But only they repeat each other, "as a blueprint." But a closer reading of the list of ingredients, to be exact - their proportion, even a novice cook appears stable suspect that it is - nothing more than an ordinary as cooking omelet with cheese, but not the most popular cake from Georgia.

How to cook adjika

Как приготовить аджику

It is possible that offering experienced (almost said haired) from cooking professionals say that this recipe is simple adzhika has nothing to do with the seasoning they do in Georgia. I will not argue with them (no need, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion), but I call it home is a simple adzhika.

Kozinaki walnuts

Козинаки из грецких орехов

Kozinaki, whether from sunflower seeds or peanuts out of the ordinary, I cook and eat with enviable regularity. And that, just cook needs just two components, and the time it takes quite a bit.

How to cook soup kharcho Georgian

Суп харчо по-грузински

Georgian cuisine abounds petrol soups. Among them kharcho soup, which is not only more about the consistency of thick, but has a more intense vkus.Etot soup contains a lot of vitamins and minerals that are necessary for the inhabitants of the mountains. It gives not only a cheerful location, but also adds health. Besides soup kharcho beneficial effect on blood circulation and metabolism in the body. That is why he is a frequent guest at every Georgian family.

Now there are many different ways to cook soup kharcho. Some of them have the original recipe, but most still adapting it to the country and to the people who prepare it. We very popular spicy grub. However, the true Georgian soup kharcho spicier than acute.

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