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Whole eggplant, marinated.

маринованные баклажаны целые
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Whole eggplant, marinated.



Asking provisions are:

** small eggplants - 1kg.
** vinegar - 300ml.
large garlic ** - 50g.
fresh celery ** - 40g
** savory fresh - 20g.
** basil, cilantro and dill.
** shallow salt - 30g.

маринованные баклажаны целые

How to cook?

Eggplant to wash with soap and water, rinse with clean water, dry. Clean and a couple of minutes and put in boiling water. Recline on a sieve to drain the fluid. Allow to cool. Then each eggplant make longitudinal incision, approximately three centimeters.

In half a liter of boiling water for a minute, lower branches of celery. Removed. Sprinkle with salt water, pour in the vinegar. Boil. Turn off the fire. Allow to cool.

Garlic cleaned of husk scald. Greens to wash, shake, dry and finely chop-namelko. Crumb greens sprinkled with salt. And this stuff with a mixture of spicy eggplant cuts, there, on the cloves of garlic.

Each eggplant tie sprigs of celery. Eggplant prepared in this way, they must be prepared to lay down in a clean jar.

Each filled a jar filled with celery ostyvshim solution. Cover with lid. Store in a cool place.

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