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Kozinaki walnuts

Козинаки из грецких орехов
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Russian desserts
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Kozinaki, whether from sunflower seeds or peanuts out of the ordinary, I cook and eat with enviable regularity. And that, just cook needs just two components, and the time it takes quite a bit.



But one day I fell harvest walnuts, as well as an outstanding quite rainy and wet weather, for long-term storage they need to be thoroughly dried. But unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, I did not understand) I live in an ordinary apartment, but not in the warehouse for dry walnuts, and all at once I just put them had nowhere to go.
Козинаки из грецких орехов

Therefore, to speed up the drying process (and unshelled he goes much faster and more productive), I cleaned them. And to make these almonds walnuts, I took about 250 grams of "net" weight.
Козинаки из грецких орехов

But all attempts to find an interesting recipe almonds walnuts ran across the same thing, just in different interpretations: raw walnuts pour hot thick syrup of sugar and honey in various proportions and cool. But I'm sorry, it's not in the conventional sense almonds and walnuts in syrup. So, we'll do everything in his own way, in the usual form. To do this we need only sugar in the same amount as the nut means - 250 grams.
Козинаки из грецких орехов

But the nuts were quite large. And even the division of the nucleus into four parts did not remedy the situation. Therefore, before frying them up a bit, I grind tolokushkoy for pureeing them to ask in the mouth.
Exact time as roasting nuts, no. They are different, and their moisture content is also very different. Therefore, stirring constantly (believe me, they can burn on very fast), cook them until such time as their outer brown skin begins to darken. But at the option of the pan, I'll give you absolutely certain tips:
• With high sides;
• No non-stick coating;
• Preferably thick.
Therefore, a simple cast-iron, "grandmother", suitable just perfect.
Козинаки из грецких орехов

And then go to sleep all the sugar and very quickly interfere, otherwise it will burn, become black and give a bad taste the bitterness of our almonds walnuts.
Козинаки рецепт из грецких орехов

When all the sugar has dissolved, immediately lay weight on a piece of baking paper and form the familiar not thick tile.
Козинаки рецепт из грецких орехов

And when they have cooled off (and it is a long time, because due to the molten sugar they dogotavlivayutsya), almonds walnuts ready.
Козинаки рецепт из грецких орехов

That's all. Enjoy your appetite.

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