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Belarussian cuisine

Russian salad from fresh cabbage with sausage

Russian salad from fresh cabbage with sausage

Frankly, when your favorite social network saw salad recipe Gomelchanka, the reaction to it was quite predictable: boring, not original, and draws a maximum of C grade and 12-point scale of my own rankings. As they say, "Go to ignore."
But its simplicity and enthusiastic comments below the article (do not know which ones are true and which - not), he sowed the same seed of doubt. And suitable when you want to cook something tasty and not at all difficult, but - original, it turned up very soon.

Simple dish of potatoes

Простые блюда из картофеля

Potatoes - an indispensable product for any hostess. Due to the high carbohydrate content of potato is very nutritious, and its calorie content several times higher as compared with other vegetables. For example, a hundred grams of chips contains 192 calories. A rainbow of flavors of this wonderful product in different dishes know, perhaps even children.

Potatoes with greens

Картофель отварной с зеленью

I always cooked this dish and called fried potatoes with garlic and herbs. And it is in this form did and gave it as as a garnish for meat and fish dishes, as well as a separate dishes, such as breakfast. However, my wife saw him once dubbed him potato salad, so that we have at home one dish two different "name". 

Potato pancakes

Как приготовить картофельные драники

I do not know about you, but I have from the word "pancake" at once invisible blows Belarus and its vast and varied cuisine. Maybe the reason is historical, might just harmony. And maybe that taught him to cook my grandmother, who lived his whole life in this small country with a rich history and ancient roots. 

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