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Potatoes with greens

Картофель отварной с зеленью
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I always cooked this dish and called fried potatoes with garlic and herbs. And it is in this form did and gave it as as a garnish for meat and fish dishes, as well as a separate dishes, such as breakfast. However, my wife saw him once dubbed him potato salad, so that we have at home one dish two different "name". 



The only thing though: it's not enough garlic (well, I love this vegetable, and I can not help myself), so no kissing or communicate with others after him still not worth it.
So, prepare fried potatoes with herbs.
500 grams small young potatoes, wash well, because it does not have to be cleaned. If it is large, tubers, cut into two ... three parts. However, such a distortion of the classic recipe will affect the appearance of the dish.
Картофель отварной с зеленью

Before frying it should be well dried, wipe dry with a towel so it is still desirable.
In a frying pan, to which there is a cover (this is important, as we will fry under the lid), pour three ... four tablespoons of vegetable oil. We spread the potatoes, cover with a lid and fry over medium heat for 10 minutes. Especially do not mix (have to open the lid), but a couple of times lightly tryahnёm pan.
Now put a couple of good pinches of salt, again tryahnёm pan and continue to roast another two ... three minutes. Now fried potatoes ready.
Картофель отварной с зеленью

Meanwhile bunch of greens (preferably dill, he gently), my good shake off the water from it,
Картофель отварной с зеленью

and finely cut, literally crumble "in the trash."
Молодой картофель с зеленью

Five (seven possible) large cloves garlic, clean and shred. Melo cut or pass through chesnokodavilku - you decide. On the palate it will not affect.
Молодой картофель с зеленью

In a bowl lay greens, garlic, fried potatoes and pour all the remnants of the oil from frying. Mix well and give three ... five minutes to stand up and cool down. Besides the components of exchange during this time tastes and become a single entity: fried potatoes with fresh herbs and garlic. And everything is a miracle we made in less than 20 minutes. Of very simple products, and how using some specific skills.
Молодой картофель с зеленью

Enjoy your meal.

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