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Potato pancakes

Как приготовить картофельные драники
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I do not know about you, but I have from the word "pancake" at once invisible blows Belarus and its vast and varied cuisine. Maybe the reason is historical, might just harmony. And maybe that taught him to cook my grandmother, who lived his whole life in this small country with a rich history and ancient roots. 



But I did not start with the classic recipe, which is actually a very simple and not a bit complicated, but with those little tips and tricks that make it possible to make a really simple pancakes THESE potato pancakes. The same ones for which not ashamed picky guests and just insanely delicious there himself.
• Do not cook large quantities at once. Usually cooked-ate should be executed strictly. Cooled, and even more so then heated pancakes, a "rubber in pure form", even edible. And nothing more.
• No need to rub a lot of potatoes for potato pancakes. In one, a maximum of two frying. Otherwise, it will let the juice, and this is a very negative impact on the taste of the finished dish.
• Do not put a lot of flour. It must be quite a bit, gluing, otherwise the taste of toasted bread in the potato pancakes will prevail.
• Place pancakes roast hot oil well, or they just stick and golden color will never succeed.
• Do not rub the potatoes on a fine grater in the pursuit of tenderness. Sycamore such "psevdovozdushnosti" will be a large number of released juice.
• Do not try to fill the entire pan pancakes "to the eyeballs." So the oil has cooled down immediately, and golden brown potato pancakes you can not see.
• Turn once. So they will get much tastier than you will turn them a few times here and there. The more that the outside browns pancakes, and inside will remain moist.
• Do not cook the dough for potato pancakes in advance. The reason, as you know, is obvious.
All begin to cook.

300 grams of potatoes (eight potato pancakes, fry them I'm on two pans), clean
Как приготовить картофельные драники

and rub on a coarse grater. Parallel to the pan, pour vegetable oil and put it on the fire to warm up.
Как приготовить картофельные драники

Add to the potatoes one egg,
Как приготовить картофельные драники

tablespoon of flour, a large pinch of salt
Как приготовить картофельные драники

all mix well together. Half of how to make delicious pancakes, is already there. Proceed to frying.
Как приготовить картофельные драники

Oil is already well warmed up, so a tablespoon (ideal measurement for potato pancakes) put the dough into the pan and fry the resulting five ... seven minutes. Such a big "the dispersion" in time is easily explained - the thickness of your pans.
Драники приготовление

Now we turn over our pancakes and fry the other side for a minute ... has two less.
Драники приготовление

That's all the wisdom, delicious pancakes ready. And just asking them one addition - sour cream. Although, maybe I the only one, and all tastes are different.
Драники приготовление

Enjoy your meal.

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