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Russian salad from fresh cabbage with sausage

Russian salad from fresh cabbage with sausage
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Russian salads
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Frankly, when your favorite social network saw salad recipe Gomelchanka, the reaction to it was quite predictable: boring, not original, and draws a maximum of C grade and 12-point scale of my own rankings. As they say, "Go to ignore."
But its simplicity and enthusiastic comments below the article (do not know which ones are true and which - not), he sowed the same seed of doubt. And suitable when you want to cook something tasty and not at all difficult, but - original, it turned up very soon.



Therefore I have today in the menu - a salad Gomelchanka, and I will share with you the peculiarities of its preparation.
Then again, no complicated solutions and features in it is not there. And it is clear from the ingredients:
• 500 grams of cabbage (I took the young)
Салат из свежей капусты с колбасой

• 400 ... 500 grams of cooked sausage (any, but without necessarily slices of bacon)
Салат из свежей капусты с колбасой

• One large (or two small) bulb onion,
Салат из свежей капусты с колбасой

• and mayonnaise. Little, 70 grams would be sufficient. Even salt to prepare a salad Gomelchanka, you do not need.
Салат из свежей капусты с колбасой

Yes, and water. About a liter (or thereabouts). And in order not to waste time, just put it to boil.
Clear the onion and cut into long thin half-rings.
Салат из свежей капусты с колбасой

Fill with boiling water,
Салат Гомельчанка

and five minutes later it is thrown back in a colander, drain. We do not want our salad Gomelchanka "floated".
Салат Гомельчанка

Meanwhile, long and thinly sliced ​​cabbage. And there is a secret: if you plan to apply immediately and have this dish, two ... three times, squeeze it well (empty juice), and if there is left an hour and a half ... - it is not necessary.
Салат Гомельчанка

Sausage cut into long strips,
Салат Гомельчанка

Refill it all with mayonnaise and mix well. That's all Galichanka salad ready.
Салат Гомельчанка

And believe me, his taste, he will pleasantly surprise and delight. And very soon, you will repeat the experience again.
Enjoy your appetite.

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