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Приготовление плова из говядины
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Any pilaf for most of us begins with the choice of the most important component - just rice. Round or oblong, steamed, oiled or plain finally sort itself cereals (Chinese, Korean, Uzbek, and the Crimean More hundred and fifty species of all kinds) even the most experienced cook can confound.



But I'm doing much simpler: buy one that looks just like him to "ask in my mouth." And you know, such a simple method of selecting has never let me down.
So, we need 250 ... 300 grams of rice. But take a clean, rinse it because we will not. So it remains very crumbly.
Приготовление плова из говядины

Meat. Of course, for the classic version of lamb needed. But today we will use beef, since it is much easier to buy, and the peculiar smell she simply does not exist. Just take the 450 ... 500 grams of finished goulash.
Приготовление плова из говядины

Vegetable oil. It needs to be about 50 grams. Pour it into a high cauldron and put on the fire to warm up.
Приготовление плова из говядины

Two large onion bulbs are clean,
Приготовление плова из говядины

finely chopped,
Приготовление плова из говядины

and spread to brown.
Приготовление плова из говядины

When the onion begins to take on a yellowish color, lay him meat and stir. Now they are preparing to have together, under the hood, five ... seven minutes over medium heat.
Рецепт узбекского плова с говядиной

Four medium (or two large ones) carrots clean,
Рецепт узбекского плова с говядиной

and as onions, finely chopped.
Рецепт узбекского плова с говядиной

Puts it, "the company" to the onions with the meat, stir and fry a few more minutes.
Рецепт узбекского плова с говядиной

Now pour the rice, stir and oiled it a couple of minutes. So it becomes crumbly and never slipnetsya.
Рецепт узбекского плова с говядиной

Now add a teaspoon of salt with a slide,
Вкусный плов из говядины

half a sachet (15 grams) of a mixture of spices "pilaf"
Вкусный плов из говядины

two high (300 ml) of water glass,
Вкусный плов из говядины

bring to a boil (stir especially from the bottom, so that our beef pilaf with no Priest), and the small fire under the hood, tormented 20 more ... 25 minutes.
Вкусный плов из говядины

That's all the wisdom and subtleties of how to prepare tasty and crisp risotto with beef. And as you have just seen, nothing complicated, and there is not special. But to evaluate how gentle and wonderful it turned out, you have to cook it yourself.
Вкусный плов из говядины

Enjoy your appetite.

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