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Italian cuisine

Spaghetti with cheese.

Как приготовить спагетти с сыром

Just specify the preparation of this simple and unpretentious dishes - spaghetti with cheese, it's home building on work my eldest son. And he was preparing his own really, from A to Z. And Dad (me) was in the role of a strict jury consultant and mentor in one person, who still all removed, then cut, and wrote. But best of all - he received for his creation a solid top five in the classroom, and I have tasted it and pudding.

Pasta with broccoli

Макароны с капустой брокколи

That's for sure, would never have thought that this simple pudding can be so delicious and interesting as the first time he was not tried. Such associations at me and caused this dish - pasta with broccoli.

How to cook a pizza with seafood

Как приготовить пиццу с морепродуктами

Frankly, this pizza "Seafood Cocktail" I undertook to prepare not for himself, not for his wife, and not even for children. Just me had a couple of friends Welcome to the Whole, which cavity excluded from the diet of meat. And as pie with fish they pledged to bring along, you had to answer "from our table," they, too, something of a surprise.

Mushroom lasagna

Лазанья грибная

Lasagna - a common dish of Italian cuisine. Is very popular due to the ease of preparation and wide palette of taste. Stuffing for it can serve as meat, cheese, mushrooms, fish. Present to you the recipe for mushroom lasagna and - la Russe with bechamel sauce and cheese sauce.

Recipe sundried tomatoes for the winter

Рецепт вяленых помидоров на зиму

Sun-dried tomatoes have recently become incredibly popular, many articles contain a variety of options for their preparation, it is not only tasty and healthy dish, it's also an opportunity to meet with Italian cuisine. One of the methods we offer.
So how to cook dried tomatoes? The answer is simple: as well as any fruits and vegetables that are dried in an oven or a specially created for this dryer. In these products lose a lot of moisture - this is the main objective of the process of drying.

Gnocchi - Italian dumplings

Ньокки - итальянские клецки на вашем столе

Gnocchi (gnocchi) - is an Italian dish, which is a dumpling oval. It gained popularity in our country along with all Italian dishes. Unlike other dumplings (Czech, German and Polish) is that the Italian dumplings are smaller and are made from durum flour with a variety of fillings. The most popular gnocchi made ​​from potatoes.

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