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Pasta with broccoli

Макароны с капустой брокколи
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That's for sure, would never have thought that this simple pudding can be so delicious and interesting as the first time he was not tried. Such associations at me and caused this dish - pasta with broccoli.



And it was not a side dish, but an independent dish, cooked and served with "piping hot" on a weekday in the ordinary breakfast. Therefore, how easy it is simply and quickly done, you can judge for yourself. And so today, we are prepare this pastas with broccoli.
The first white cook pasta until half. Bit, 250 ... 300 grams is enough for four full "male" portion.
Макароны с капустой брокколи

As usual, put them in boiling, salted water for seven minutes. Do not cover the pan with a lid, or they simply stick together. After that is thrown back them in a colander, drain and give. And if you're not going to cook them right away (though - but what's the point in this dish), pour them in a teaspoon of vegetable oil and mix.
Макароны с брокколи

Now the vegetable component of this dish. My broccoli,
Макароны с брокколи

assort into small florets, large cut in half,
Макароны с брокколи

and we place boiled in boiling water. Four ... five minutes will be enough, and that it has not lost its rich color, the water should be liberally (a teaspoon from top) salt.
Макароны с брокколи

Drain the water and along with the pasta we place it in a pan with a drop of vegetable oil. Mix, cover with a lid and simmer over medium heat for another five ... seven minutes.
Макароны с брокколи

That's all wisdom, pasta with broccoli ready. Serve and eat them right away, as they cool down quickly enough.
Макароны с брокколи

Enjoy your appetite.

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