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French cuisine


Как приготовить эклеры в домашних условиях

That's really never thought that ordinary eclairs, in my kitchen, I make up my mind ever prepare yourself. After all kinds of pastry shops, shops of sweets and a cookery departments in all supermarkets - a dime a dozen. And the choice they have always eclairs.

Julien with mushrooms.

Жюльен из грибов шампиньонов

Julien with mushrooms I always called very simply - baked mushrooms with cheese. And prepares it often enough, as many would say, "eyes closed", with no pomp of did not. Dish as a meal, and all that. Moreover, I've never done it in portioned cocotte, and always baked in a great shape, which then filed.

Ratatouille recipe with photo

Рататуй рецепт классический с фото

My sons started pestering me this ratatouille cooking course and after watching the cartoon of the same name. However, the explanation that it is - in a special way peeled and braised with vegetables, a little cool their ardor, but they do it all the same I drove. So today we have a menu of classic ratatouille. Although many experts pursed her lips and snobby will notice that this can only be a ratatouille in France.

Meatless soup puree of mushrooms

Постный суп пюре из шампиньонов

Many of us (and I - no exception), when referring to a short word "soup" brain immediately draws nourishing meat soup, thick soup, beetroot soup, in which "stands spoon" or the ear of so many different kinds of fish that do not have enough fingers on two hands bend at its listing. But I, like many of today in an attempt to diversify its menu, as well as under the influence of moralistic wife, who always insists on the "lightness and caloric intake", try to cook soup.

Cream of cauliflower soup recipe with photos

Крем суп из цветной капусты рецепт с фото

Soup, or as they are lately more often called soup can be prepared from anything. On meat and fish broth, with absolutely all vegetables and even some fruits, cheese and cream, yogurt, even on cold kefir and many more variations and varieties.
However, today we prepare almost classic version of soup-puree with cauliflower without adding meat or fish. But he will not lean, and enough high-calorie, although very, very gentle.

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