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Ratatouille recipe with photo

Рататуй рецепт классический с фото
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Vegetable dishes
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My sons started pestering me this ratatouille cooking course and after watching the cartoon of the same name. However, the explanation that it is - in a special way peeled and braised with vegetables, a little cool their ardor, but they do it all the same I drove. So today we have a menu of classic ratatouille. Although many experts pursed her lips and snobby will notice that this can only be a ratatouille in France.



For the preparation of this ratatouille, we need:
• pound (or so) Eggplant
Рататуй рецепт классический с фото

• one large (or two smaller ones), onion bulbs.
Рататуй рецепт классический с фото

• two medium zucchini,
Рататуй рецепт классический с фото

• Tomatoes - about 300 grams
Рататуй рецепт классический с фото

• and a few cloves of garlic. All vegetables should be natural, ground and not "plastic." Therefore, I cook it only in the summer and early fall.
Рататуй рецепт классический с фото

Furthermore it will be necessary, salt, sugar (one teaspoon will be enough), and 50 ml of vegetable oil. I took an ordinary sunflower, and how you will use - decide. As for me - the taste is in no way dependent.
Рататуй рецепт классический с фото

First of all clean from thick peel tomatoes. To do this, make a small incision crossed
Рататуй рецепт классический с фото

Fifteen seconds pour boiling water over them. Take out, and while they are warm, and easy to take off the peel.
On a deep frying pan with a lid, pour oil and put it on the fire to warm up.
Рататуй рецепт классический

Onion finely cut and lay fried. Necessarily in a good hot oil so that he immediately seized, acquired a golden color, but it does not dry completely.
Рататуй рецепт классический

Eggplant necessarily clean, and when the onion has acquired a yellowish color (usually three ... five minutes), spread them and mix. Vegetable immediately absorbs all the oil, so do not be surprised where it suddenly disappeared.
Рататуй рецепт классический

Zucchini, even if you think they are quite delicate and young, too, need to be cleaned. And cut the same as eggplant, diced. Put them in a pan, stir, and cook everything together for another five minutes.
Рататуй пошаговый фото рецепт

Sliced tomato,
Рататуй пошаговый фото рецепт

and together with the crushed garlic press, salt and sugar, spread on a griddle. Stir, cover all lid and simmer for another five so ... seven minutes on low heat.
Рататуй пошаговый фото рецепт

That's all the wisdom, this ratatouille is ready. And as for my taste, it is best when slightly cooled. Though as you see you - decide for yourself, because even from the fridge, "yesterday", it is very, very tasty. And then, as he gentle, describe it does not, you need to cook it. So the council one - straight to the kitchen.
Photo 14.

Enjoy your meal.

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