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Cottage cheese casserole with tomatoes

Cottage cheese casserole with tomatoes
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Cottage cheese casserole with a variety of fruit and berry fillings, I do not cook regularly, and just constantly. And how many would say - has a dock in this case. But these dishes are accompanied by the same quality: they are sweet, and even dessert.



But one wife, who sometimes gives very good advice, ask a simple question: what if it is not done with fruit, berries and tomatoes? What of it? And to realize this simple, but it seemed to me, very businesslike idea, I immediately went to the kitchen, where they prepare simple but very tasty cottage cheese casserole with tomatoes.
And all the ingredients for cooking just happened to me in the fridge, so that even go to the store did not have to. They are really the most common:
• 500 grams of cottage cheese,
Творожная запеканка с помидорами

• two medium fresh tomatoes,
Творожная запеканка с помидорами

• 150 grams of semolina,
Творожная запеканка с помидорами

• 330 ml milk or yogurt (to taste casserole with tomatoes should not affect, it only affects its consistency)
Творожная запеканка с помидорами

• Two chicken eggs,
Творожная запеканка с помидорами

• teaspoon salt
Соленая творожная запеканка

• Green,
Соленая творожная запеканка

• and garlic.
Соленая творожная запеканка

That's it, proceed directly to the mystery of cooking.
Tomatoes make a small cross-cut surface and fill them with boiling water. After 10 ... 15 seconds, remove the peel,
Соленая творожная запеканка

not thick and cut tomatoes into slices. We dismiss them aside.
Соленая творожная запеканка

Garlic. If he is young, then you need to take four cloves if autumn - that is enough for two. After all, they only give flavor and not a specific taste or sharpness.
Соленая творожная запеканка

A third beam is very finely chopped greens.
Несладкая творожная запеканка

In one container well and thoroughly mix cottage cheese, milk, semolina, herbs, garlic, passed through the press, salt and eggs. Weight obtained thick, so that power to make all the same necessary.
Несладкая творожная запеканка

190 ... 200 degrees set to heat up the oven.
Half a basis for our cheese casserole with tomatoes fill in the form of silicone or Split,
Несладкая творожная запеканка

evenly spread tomatoes,
Несладкая творожная запеканка

and fill the other half of the mixture.
Несладкая творожная запеканка

Bake on the middle shelf for an hour, leaving another 15 ... 20 minutes reach directly into the oven,
Несладкая творожная запеканка

and then cut and give. That's all wisdom, cottage cheese casserole with tomatoes ready. There was only a call for all to the table.

Enjoy your meal.

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