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Potato pancakes Russian bliny

Potato pancakes Russian bliny
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I have to say, as a Breakfast on a weekday, these potato pancakes – not the best idea. And all because first it takes time to boil the potatoes (and they are not prepared from raw of vegetable), then the dough should 20 ... 30 minutes to stand up, to potato pancakes were more elastic, and indeed roasting also "eats" a lot of time. But for Breakfast on a day when the whole family is not in a hurry , just perfect. The only thing – don't forget to stock up on sour cream, because this "couple" is simply delicious.



So, to prepare potato pancakes, we need:
• five ... six medium-sized potatoes,
Potato pancakes Russian bliny

• a Cup of wheat flour,
Potato pancakes Russian bliny

• 300 ml of serum (or 200 – milk + 100 ordinary water),
Potato pancakes Russian bliny

• three chicken eggs,
Potato pancakes Russian bliny

• 40 to 50 grams (three ... four tablespoons) vegetable oil,
Potato pancakes Russian bliny

• and a teaspoon of salt.
Potato pancakes Russian bliny

Alternatively, you can add a few cloves of garlic (of course, crushed by the pressure), but may not to do it.
First of all peel the potatoes, cut and put on to cook. Do not add salt, though a teaspoon of sugar to add is, is cooked faster. After boiling reduce to a minimum the fire and 20 minutes preparing it. As you can see – just like on mash.
Potato pancakes Russian bliny

Remove the excess water and by adding salt, mash "into dust".
Potato pancakes Russian bliny

Now add flour, vegetable oil and eggs, and again, until the mixture becomes completely homogeneous, carefully peremenam.
Potato pancakes Russian bliny

Now, as mentioned above, the dough should half an hour to "rest".
Potato pancakes Russian bliny

In the pan (I have a flat coated, for frying pancakes), pour a ladle of dough, and distribute it. It turns out noticeably thicker, so that from pancakes to wait for the "perfect roundness and very very subtlety", is not worth it.
Potato pancakes Russian bliny

In a minute (and we fry on medium heat without covering with a lid), turn over and cook for another minute on the other side.
Potato pancakes Russian bliny

And so, one by one, until you fry all the potato pancakes and then invite everyone to the table. But I'm sure curiosity and the desire to taste something new, make you eat one ... two pancakes just like that,  from the heat while you cook.
Potato pancakes Russian bliny

But otherwise – enjoy your meal.

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