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Sherbet with peanuts

Щербет с арахисом рецепт
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Recipe of the sorbet with peanuts, I do not want to start from the beginning, like listing ingredients or necessary to do the dishes, and with my wife's reaction to it: "Well, you can not cook a delicious piece at night, it's terribly bad and unfair." And indeed, if you can break away from it, it is very, very difficult, and even then, very briefly.



Therefore, going to prepare this sorbet with peanuts, we strongly recommend to consider the number of those with delight and pleasure it is to eat, or in proportion to reduce the number of ingredients. In order to make it was still easier they all beakers:
• Three and a half cups of sugar,
Щербет с арахисом рецепт

• a glass of milk,
Щербет с арахисом рецепт

• the same amount of peanut,
Щербет с арахисом рецепт

• and 100 grams (half a pack) of butter. That's all we need. So do not delay, proceed directly to the cooking.
Щербет с арахисом рецепт

Three cups of sugar (even half the leave, it will be very much needed later) fill it with milk and put on fire.
Щербет с арахисом рецепт

When the milk comes to a boil, and the sugar has dissolved, reduce the heat to a minimum, and stirring occasionally, boil for about half an hour so ... for about forty minutes.
Щербет с арахисом рецепт

We put the pan on the fire to warm up. On a dry (this is important), fried peanuts.
Щербет с арахисом рецепт в домашних условиях

Fry constantly interfering until the husk begins to blacken. Turn off the fire, but do not pour nuts into a suitable dish, and give them 15 ... 20 minutes walk.
Щербет с арахисом рецепт в домашних условиях

When they are cool, clean off the husk. It is very easy, just grind their hands, and to separate the skins from peanuts - do it in a colander, then vigorously shake it a couple of minutes. All nuts are ready.
Щербет с арахисом рецепт в домашних условиях

And remember the carefully left the sugar? Pour it on the same frying pan, where fried peanuts, and then set it on fire. Caramelized sugar will not only interesting color our sorbet with peanuts, but also a very interesting taste and flavor. Warms up briefly, stirring constantly, until the sugar has dissolved,
Щербет с арахисом рецепт в домашних условиях

and then fill it with almost finished milk-sugar base our sorbet with peanuts. Boil together briefly, three ... five minutes, do not forget to stir occasionally,
Щербет с арахисом рецепт в домашних условиях

and then add the butter and boil together for a minute ... two.
Домашний щербет с арахисом

Peanuts fall asleep in form (not silicone or detachable first necessary to lay a paper for baking)
Домашний щербет с арахисом

and fill it with liquid foundation. More accurately, it is not only very hot but also strives to spill.
Some peanut vplyvёt, some will remain on the bottom, so that even do not have to interfere with, to distribute it evenly. Left to rest for a few hours to cool to room temperature and then for another two hours ... remove a refrigerator.
Домашний щербет с арахисом

That's all peanuts ready sherbet,
Домашний щербет с арахисом

Cut it and be sure to brew fresh black tea. Believe me, it will be more tasty.
Домашний щербет с арахисом

Enjoy your appetite.

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