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Homemade nutella

Homemade nutella
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My oldest son, who just cannot imagine his life in General, and every day in particular without  sweets, recently addicted to chocolate pasta. But when I took a jar of this delicacy from a reputable manufacturer, and to my horror I read a composition, I inadvertently scared: as this is the simplest dish for which you need only four components, but it has the list of ingredients, many of which I just cannot utter. Nightmare. But, today we will make chocolate spread ourself, the more that it is not only simple, but will require quite a bit of time.



So, we need:
• Butter, 200 grams. It should be soft, but not liquid, so just in advance, remove it from the refrigerator.
Homemade nutella

• Cocoa powder. Three, can even take four (worse will not be exact) tablespoons with a slide.
Homemade nutella

• Sugar sand. Exactly five tablespoons. Less – guaranteed Nutella will taste bitter, put more sweetness in the taste is going to dominate that too is not good.
Homemade nutella

• Milk. Total 100 ml.
Homemade nutella

As you can see, ordinary products that just probably have at home.
The butter we have at least an hour ago got out of the refrigerator. On the steam bath put the milk, cocoa, sugar and mix until
Homemade nutella

until the sugar is completely dissolved and cocoa is not wet and is smooth and not lumpy. Now leave to cool down to room temperature, about an hour ... and a half.
Homemade nutella

Add some butter, kneaded with a whisk
Homemade nutella

and put in the fridge for four to six hours.
Homemade nutella

That's all wisdom, our chocolate spread is ready. And don't forget to buy a fresh loaf, because this "sweet couple" will be just the perfect combination.
Homemade nutella

But don't get carried away by it, Nutella is quite a caloric dish. Otherwise – enjoy your meal.

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