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Chocolate Kuhen

Chocolate Kuchen
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Немецкая кухня


To be honest, when I came across the recipe for this simple chocolate cake (I only later learned that the correct name is chocolate Kuchen), I immediately went to cook. Especially because in the recipe and was specified: prepare and bake it in the evening and until morning it would be soaked and cool. And since the clock was not yet late in the evening, I went to the kitchen baking my first chocolate Kuchen. Since then, it has become a tradition: cook it in the evening and is served in the morning for Breakfast.



But we digress a little. And therefore, to make chocolate Kuchen, you'll need:
• glass (in General, all the components of this recipe in cups) milk,
Chocolate Kuchen

• same – sugar,
Chocolate Kuchen

• one Cup of wheat flour,
Chocolate Kuchen

• half Cup of vegetable oil,
Chocolate Kuchen

• a third of a Cup cocoa powder,
Chocolate Kuchen

• two eggs,
Chocolate Kuchen cake

• and a tablespoon of baking powder.
Chocolate Kuchen cake

That's all we need.
190 degrees heat the oven. This pie really is done very quickly, so don't waste time.
Milk, cocoa and sugar, beat in a homogeneous mixture.
Chocolate Kuchen cake

Then exactly half of the cast (that we will impregnate our chocolate Kuchen), and second add the flour, eggs, butter and baking powder. Again whisk well,
Chocolate Kuhen cake

and pour into the mold. I just had to make cupcakes (with a hole in the middle), although this is not important, and then bake. On the middle shelf, for 20 ... 25 minutes (or rather see for yourself),
Chocolate Kuhen cake

then take it out,
Chocolate Kuhen cake

pour with other half of milk-sugar-chocolate mixture, and put it into the hot oven just up - until morning.
Chocolate Kuhen cake

That's all wisdom, our tasty, tender and very chocolate Kuchen, ready.
Chocolate Kuhen cake

Bon appétit.

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