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Какие продукты необходимы организму

What products needed by the body

Chocolate brings the limited benefit body and is not detrimental. Chocolate contains carbohydrates, which are readily cleaved in the body and if they do not receive a lot, they can be consumed quickly, so in normal quantities chocolate will not threaten your figure. Many in the composition of chocolate, potassium, magnesium - they help maintain a healthy nervous system, and caffeine (chocolate contains a considerable amount of it) helps the heart. Usually sweets spoil the teeth, but the cocoa butter, which is found in chocolate, protecting them, keeping destruction of the enamel of the teeth due to the ability enveloping invisible film.

Every day you need to eat a handful of nuts in order to replenish the body with essential for the body with minerals and vitamins. Mineral substances in the nuts a lot. In addition, nuts are tasty, easy to grow, store and cook. They include good fats and observing the norm, nobody can spoil the shape. Eaten in large quantities they certainly harm your health, not only increase the weight.

In addition, the nuts must be properly stored, not to hurt yourself.

People will be healthier if it is to eat daily egg, because it contains proteins, amino acids, most vitamins needed by the body (A. B3, B12, D, E). Amino acids help build new tissues to the human body. Even excessive amount of cholesterol is neutralized by the content of substances beneficial to the body. Moreover, it is important that the eggs are available to purchase and cheap. You can cook them very quickly. This product is often needed as a housewife auxiliary product for the preparation of many dishes.

For thousands of years, people have enjoyed another very useful product - hard cheese. This product contains such body needs minerals like calcium, zinc, phosphorus. Vitamins that are part of it, help cells rather updated. It consists of a lot of fat, rendering the desired impact on our body. Of course, large quantities of cheese will do more harm than good, but a little piece of the day of this product, you just need.

Pasta is often used for making different dishes because of its cheapness, ease of preparation and satiation person. They may even need to properly combining with other products consumed in a day (three times a week). They add energy to your muscles. Products that are made from durum wheat, low calorie and will not harm your figure, but rather the opposite - you can use them to throw off excess weight. They are composed of no less than thirteen percent protein and sugar called "slow" - has the ability to burn slowly in the body. Products made ​​from durum wheat to help the body get rid of fatigue, because they present vitamin B1. They are rich in fiber and preventing the risk of heart disease and helps digestion.

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