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Mushroom Roast

Жаркое с грибами и картошкой
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Mushroom dishes
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For the first time this dish is not supposed to be me popular. And all because it is not prepared for the close friends, who are the most severe and honest criticism of my cooking, but for a single vegetarian who refused to everything else and more milk and dairy all.



And his wife, who did not support him in this unique, but quite popular endeavor, constantly teased him. But for exactly as long as I did not bring him ramekin in which it was mushroom roast. Then rasprobovali (female habit to try everything first) and asked her to put the same. And very offended when I learned that I was preparing one single dose for him. However, the immediate next meal at my house I know that they both have to cook because it's really very, very tasty.
But we're a little distracted from the main task, talk about a new recipe. Therefore, the following - How to cook mushroom roast. Incidentally, in this case, all the ingredients - one full and "male" portion. You can simply proportionally increase the amount of these ingredients and get one mushroom roast for a big company. By this technology does not change.
In order to prepare this mushroom roast, I needed:
• five medium mushrooms,
Жаркое с грибами и картошкой

• One small onion bulb,
Жаркое с грибами и картошкой

• such as carrots,
Жаркое с грибами и картошкой

• Three medium potatoes,
Жаркое с грибами и картошкой

• vegetable oil, salt, ground black pepper and water. Everything.
Pour into the pan quite a bit of vegetable oil and put it on the fire to warm up. Mushrooms cut into thin slices
Жаркое с грибами и картошкой

and well heated by the time the pan, spread them. Only two ... three minutes, they should not be completely progotovitsya, but only redden. Then we shift them into the pot, where they are baked. Yes, and the 180 ... 190 degrees turn the oven to heat up. It is time.
Жаркое по домашнему с грибами

Onions clean, and very finely cut.
Жаркое по домашнему с грибами

At the same pan where you just fried mushrooms, spread it on the same two ... three minutes prior to the acquisition of golden color.
Жаркое по домашнему с грибами

Purified carrot cut into already larger
Жаркое по домашнему с грибами

but proceed with it in the same way as with a bow.
Жаркое по домашнему с грибами

Potatoes cut into, as well as onions and carrots, put in a pot. Salt, pepper,
Постное жаркое с грибами

add 100 mL of water,
Постное жаркое с грибами

cover with a lid and 25 ... 30 minutes in the oven to bake remove.
Постное жаркое с грибами

That's all, mushroom roast is ready.
Постное жаркое с грибами

Bon appetit to you all.

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